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14 Thoughts Everyone Has Before They Get Their First Tattoo

"Should I or shouldn't I?" As decisions go, getting your first tattoo is a big one. Tune in to the new season of Ink Master to watch the best of the best battle it out (and get some inspiration for your next one). Ink Master: Rivals premieres Tuesday, September 2 at 10/9c on Spike.

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1. "Is this what I really want?"

2. "Of course it is. I'm going to look badass."

3. "People are going to flip out."

4. "Is my mom going to disown me?"

5. "What if I hate it? What if I hate it in a month? What if I hate it in two years?"

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6. "Will people still hire me?"

7. "I hope this won't hurt."

8. "It's fine, my friend said it tickles. It'll be fine."

9. "I'm definitely going to want more after this."

J. Fjelstad

10. "I should eat something so I don't faint."

O. Rolan

11. "Is it spelled right?!"

12. "I should get it somewhere nobody will see it. No, I should get it somewhere everyone will see it."

13. "I'm making a great decision. I'll never change my mind about how much I love this."


Ever wonder what your tattoo artist is thinking? Check out Ink Master: Rivals.

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Premieres Tuesday, September 2nd at 10/9c on Spike.