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The 17 Most Outrageous Celebrity Tattoos

You know, for people who are supposed to be role models, celebrities sure do make a lot of terrible, permanent decisions. Be sure to watch Ink Master, Tuesdays 10/9c only on SPIKE.

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1. Gorrilla Zoe has a very intimate relationship with Ben Franklin.

Johnny Nunez / WireImage / Getty Images

Gorrilla Zoe is all about the Benjamins, even when they make him look like the victim of the most hardcore frat house prank ever. Bonus: When he gets older, the tattoo will transform into a crumpled hundred dollar bill with deep philosophical meaning.

2. Mena Suvari shows what happens when you hit the tattoo parlor after playing "Lion King" drinking games.

Steve Granitz / WireImage / Getty Images

Take a shot every time Simba acts like a spoiled trust fund baby.

4. Penelope Cruz saves identify thieves the trouble of guessing her credit card security code.

Then again, Cruz claims it's her favorite number, so maybe it's her PIN.

8. This is what happens when you get a tattoo at a gift shop.

Michael Tran / FilmMagic / Getty Images

I don't think her boyfriend's parents -- the Hemsworths -- take "She's just being Miley" as an excuse.

16. Eve tattoos Paws onto her breasts.

Taylor Hill / FilmMagic / Getty Images

Here's how she explained her favorite tattoo to MTV News:

“It's just funny, 'cause I got with the Ruff Ryders and they call themselves dogs and I call myself the bitch of the litter. And it just stuck, like the paws were supposed to be there.”