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The 13 Biggest Tattoo Spelling Fails

The next great American product may not be a social network, but rather a tattoo gun with spellcheck. To see some awesome tattoos, often with correct spelling, be sure to watch Ink Master, Tuesdays 10/9c only on SPIKE.

1. A young victim of Hooked on Phonics.

2. So young, apparently, that he hadn't even gotten to the "too, to, and two" lesson in his English curriculum.

3. Majored in poetry. Minored in disappointing her 5th grade teacher.

4. Comes with a bonus gift of Blatant Irony.

5. Sure to be used in Teach for America brochures.

6. Elese did not appreciate her promiscuity being so publicly flaunted. The man later sued the tattoo parlor to pay for laser removal.

7. Paraphrasing, while a useful life skill, is perilous in a tattoo parlor.

8. Oh, that Noone! Always keeping her friends' secrets and tattooing her name onto their backs in annoying fonts.

9. Let's play a game of "Illiterate, Fetishist, or Both?"

10. He totally is dude, I swear. He just needs to score a lil' E.

11. The only surefire way to get that "Than vs. Then" lesson ingrained in you.

12. Does a pair of spelling mistakes beat two Jacks?

13. Spelling mistake, or brilliant scheme to get Internet trolls to reveal themselves in the real world?