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14 Signs You Take Competition Way Too Seriously

Winning is EVERYTHING. Especially on the new season of Ink Master, where rival tattoo artists with bad blood between them draw it out to the bitter end. Ink Master: Rivals, premieres Tuesday, September 2nd at 10/9c on Spike.

1. You don't understand people who say "I dont really care who wins."

2. You comment "FIRST!!!!11!!!!!!" on every social media post you encounter.

3. You will stop at nothing to call shotgun.

4. You've had to send apology texts the day after board game night.

5. You've definitely said "IN YOUR FACE" at least once in your life.

6. Your trophy cabinet is the main feature in your home.

7. Your friends bow out before the competition's even begun, because they know what's coming.

8. You hold grudges for days if you lose...

9. ...and even when somebody brings it up months later, you're like:

10. You make sure to one-up every single email your co-workers send with even funnier replies.

11. You often win competitions that nobody even knew they were part of.

12. You will trash talk children during a pick-up basketball game.

13. Even your tattoo asserts your domination:

14. And you've ended more than one relationship over a game of Monopoly.

Watch the competition heat up on Ink Master: Rivals.

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Premiering Tuesday, September 2nd at 10/9c on Spike.