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13 Mind-Blowing And Unusual Tattoo Styles

Every second, someone is getting a new tattoo in one of America's 15,000 tattoo parlors. While many stick to traditional ink art like hearts, roses, barbed wire and SpongeBob Squarepants, others push the limit. Be sure to watch Ink Master, Tuesdays 10/9c only on SPIKE.

1. Backbone Tattoo

2. The latest male-pattern baldness treatment

3. Now that's a full-body tat

4. The only one way to guarantee that you're getting a mind-blowing tattoo

5. The best way to pick up a graphic designer

6. 3D Tattoo

7. Time Warp

8. A Brick Con Tattoo

9. Picture Perfect

10. Eye popping

11. Comic book art

12. Super Man skin

13. She'll have you in stitches