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    Stunning Dog Transformations From The Middle East

    Omani Paws is a small group of volunteers working to change the situation for stray dogs in Oman. Dogs are shot by police and regularly killed by civilians. There are no spay and neuter programs, no shelters and no hope. But that is changing. Four paws at a time. Check out these awesome transformations below. [Omani Paws}

    Missy when she was found (with a bullet in her neck)

    Never mind the crumb on her top lip, she needed a snack. And who can say "no" to that face?

    Buddha on the day of his rescue. He was near death, covered in ticks, starving and anemic. He was too weak to hold his head up.

    Dem ears.

    Perhaps one of the most heart wrenching rescues. Gracie was found with 11 bullets in her body, (Police shoot dogs rather than neuter in Oman) After years of torture, this is what we had to work with.

    We think this photo speaks for itself.

    Amber on the day she was rescued. Her tail had to be amputated.

    No tail? No problem.

    At the start of his rescue, Andrew was skinny and scared of any sudden movements.

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