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16 Awesome Things Modern Dads Do

Happy Father’s Day to the dads who are ALL IN.

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1. He deals with the kids when they cry for him in the middle of the night.

Disney/Pixar / Via

2. He cleans up barf.

Milenko Bokan

3. He always makes time to play.

kentfrostphoto / Via

4. His bedtime reading is a thing to behold.

Courtesy: Christopher Carter

5. He’s equally versed in the worlds of Arendelle and Jakku.

Disney / Box Step Productions / Via

6. He sports a Baby Bjorn, NBD.

AJ McLean / Via Instagram: @skulleeroz

7. He does his share of the cooking.

fuckyeahryangosling / Via

8. He’s a pro at getting the kids ready for school.

Daddydoinwork / Via

9. He stays home from work when the kids are sick.


10. He’s proved the squishy-sounding term "breast feeding support" is a real thing.


11. He can’t go to Target without buying a cute kid outfit.

Columbia Pictures / Via

12. He registers for his own diaper bag.

Diaper Dude Officially Licensed MLB Collection / Via

13. His Facebook page is flooded with kid pics.

Flickr: keren / Via Creative Commons

14. The school asks him to chair volunteer events.

Universal Pictures/Liz Lucas / Via

15. He’s not the one who’s neglected cleaning the house.

ABC / Via

16. He keeps his cool when he has to listen to someone make a joke about how dads never do anything.

Comedy Central

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