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We Need Your Questions For "Crazy Rich Asians"' Leading Man, Henry Golding!

*fans self*

Hello, Internet people! Henry Golding, aka the breakout star of this summer's highly-anticipated Crazy Rich Asians, will be answering your most burning fan questions! Surprise!

So, hit ๐Ÿ‘ us ๐Ÿ‘ up ๐Ÿ‘! Maybe you wanna know how he proposed to his IRL bae, Liv Lo?

Or what his favorite subjects to shoot are?

Maybe you desperately want to know, for the sake of ~Very Important Research~, why he's Team Cat.

Or do you want to take it way back and ask about his fondest childhood memories?

And, of course, he has to have some funny stories of his Crazy Rich Asian costars stored up in that brain of his...just waiting for the right moment to be in this interview.

Whatever you want to know about Mr. Golding, now's your chance to ask! Write your questions below and yours could be chosen for a upcoming BuzzFeed post or video!