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29 Things That Are Too Damn Real For People Raised By Asian Parents

"If at first you don't succeed, don't come back home."

1. The dishwasher was really just a glorified storage cabinet.

#GrowingUpAsian Your family uses the dishwasher as storage

Twitter: @EsaFung / Via Twitter: @EsaFung

Remember all those years they told you it was "broken"? Yeah, no. That was a lie.

2. Whereas other kids had cool posters on their bedroom walls, you had multiplication tables.

3. Shoes were a strict no-no indoors.


Twitter: @ivaayz / Via Twitter: @ivaayz

4. It was never quite a full meal unless there was rice involved.

#growingupasian when you're at your friend's house and they're not eating rice with their meal

Twitter: @keileighhh / Via Twitter: @keileighhh

5. And you never left even a single grain of rice in your bowl. Ever.

6. Speaking of bowls, this haircut was the epitome of your childhood.

#tbt my bowl cut days. #growingupasian

Twitter: @jessicahduong / Via Twitter: @jessicahduong

7. You had a prized collection of complimentary toiletries at home that would make any hoarder ashamed.

That is how you stock up #asianparents

Twitter: @ambr05e / Via Twitter: @ambr05e

8. And another drawer or plastic bag full of OTHER plastic bags. It's how plasticbagception all began.

9. Plus a whole stack of takeout containers cleaned and ready for future use.

@_yayasalleh / Via Twitter: @_yayasalleh

10. These household items will always be your worst nightmare.

11. No trip to the supermarket was complete until your parents had knocked on every single fruit on display.

Tumblr: chemical-misfire / Via chemical-misfire.tumblr.com

"If it doesn't sound hollow, that means there's a lot of juice."

12. The original plastic wrapping stayed on everything, from the TV remote to the furniture.

13. "Have you eaten yet?" was basically the substitute for "How are you?"

14. Taking photos at any sort of gathering or ceremony was usually more important than the event itself.

#GrowingUpAsian taking pictures at family gatherings felt like

Twitter: @jylemanalo / Via Twitter: @jylemanalo

15. No matter how warm the weather was, hot water was always the way to go.

#growingupasian is having one of these:

Twitter: @timetogohom_e / Via Twitter: @timetogohom_e

16. "Be more like other people" was basically your life motto.

17. Brutally honest comments on your physical appearance were totally normal.

Thanks mom.... ?? 😑😑 #AsianParents

Twitter: echang2012 / Via Twitter: @echang2012

18. There was literally no ailment that couldn't be solved by menthol ointment.

"'Mom i have a stuffy nose" "tigerbalm" "i have a headache" "tigerbalm" "my nose's bleedin" "tigerbalm" "Mo-" "tigerbalm" #GrowingUpAsian

Twitter: @theintmyattie / Via Twitter: @theintmyattie

Including, but not limited to: headaches, tummy aches, sprained ankles, broken hearts...

19. The labels on containers were always a lie.

When i was a kid i tried to chug a 2L coke bottle. But the inside was soy sauce. #asianparents

Twitter: @RusolR / Via Twitter: @RusolR

20. Everything you ate was supposed to make you better in some way.

Parents sent me a bag of almonds thinking they'll make me smarter #asianparents #magicofbadam

Twitter: @shipppy26 / Via Twitter: @shipppy26

It would make your skin smoother, your neck slimmer, your IQ higher...

21. Anything besides an A at school gave you a terrible feeling of dread.

22. Everyone was an "auntie" or "uncle," even if they weren't related to you at all.

#growingupasian When you meet old women who you have no relation to but your mom calls them your aunties.

Twitter: @BlueDiamond_331 / Via Twitter: @BlueDiamond_331

23. There were really only three career choices in life.

Hahahahahahahahaha #GrowingUpAsian

Twitter: @teynraz / Via Twitter: @teynraz

24. No one could beat you at the extracurricular activities game, because you did it all.

25. Gifts were absolutely essential when visiting friends or family.

26. Dating wasn't a thing until you were ready to be married.

Twitter: @MartinWongPhoto / Via Twitter: @MartinWongPhoto

27. Starving yourself for a whole day was a must before going to a buffet.

28. You knew you were in serious trouble when your parents called you by your full name in their native tongue.

29. And while your parents might not have said "I love you" or given you hugs and goodnight kisses, deep down, you knew they loved you more than anything in the world.