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    Terrible Cooks Tried Meal Subscription Boxes For A Week And Loved Them

    "If I can do what my mom is doing, then I've become an adult."

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    Cooking for yourself can be a major sign that you're finally "adulting" successfully.

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    Wouldn't you agree?

    Unfortunately it's not always that easy... Watch to see these terrible cooks put subscription meal boxes to the test!

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    This is Deanna, and she couldn't cook, like, at all. She had tried a couple of times but just couldn't get it right.


    For example, when it came to frying, she was scared of the oil in the pan.

    And this is Sarah, who was also a self-confessed bad cook. She was so bad, that some family members had banned her from the kitchen.


    One of her worst kitchen no-no's was leaving a plastic lid on a casserole and putting it in the oven. Yep.

    So they agreed to try meal subscription boxes for a week that promised cooks of every level a chance to cook a delicious meal.


    They got fresh ingredients and recipes shipped straight to their door. Easy enough, right?

    In the beginning, Sarah was overwhelmed with so many things happening at the same time in the kitchen, while trying to cook pork and eggplant stir-fry.


    "This is an eggplant, right?"

    And on the second day, Deanna's pan broke while cooking mushroom bowls (no joke).


    Was that a sign? Nah. "Plan two is pan two."

    And then, before they knew it, everything started coming together when Sarah whipped up a delicious one-pan pork chili.


    "I feel good about this. It smells good. It looks like something I would eat."

    While Deanna cooked the best meal she had ever made, which legit made her tear up.


    Sarah was nervous about cooking up her buttered-up steak because she thought it would be the most difficult, but it so wasn't.


    It looked dee-lish!

    And Deanna conquered "the noodes" when she successfully cooked fettuccine and prosciutto.


    "I stepped out of my comfort zone and now I feel like I can do that again."

    Sarah and Deanna are terrible cooks no more. Bon appétit, ladies!