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10 Signs The Future Is Already Here

You thought you had to wait, but the best stuff's already here. Just like all the technology that goes into making the Verizon IndyCar Series better and faster all the time.

1. Cars drive themselves.

"Jeeves! To work! I require a nap."

2. 3D gaming is both real and really fun.

The Oculus is so good that Facebook bought it. Who knows what that means for future Oculus games, though.

3. Induction charging not only exists, but will also soon eliminate the need for charging cables.

From your house to charging strips at malls to your local Starbucks.

4. But charging your phone by walking is also possible.

Well, you have to preorder the soles, but the technology is already out there.

5. Robots are entertaining our pets for us.

You don't even have to be home โ€” though it's obviously more fun if you are.

6. And robots are cleaning up our houses.

Or... apparently, entertaining our pets again.

7. 3D printing is amazing.

It's already printed casts and bone replacements, but can also act as a personal factory for anything you or the internet's dreamed up.

8. Some 3D printers even print wood.

Probably cheaper and safer than owning a lathe, honestly.

9. Solar road panels are real.

They generate power. They generate heat (hello, salt-free winters). They light up. They're pressure sensitive too, which means they can display animals ahead of you.

10. The electric car renaissance is already happening.

The Tesla Model S can drive all the way across the country and earned the NHTSA's highest rating โ€” ever.

Apps control everything.


For example, the LTE Multicast Team App puts more information and power than ever before directly in the hands of the teams and their drivers in the Verizon IndyCar Series by using multiple cameras and Verizon technology.