The Best Twitter Responses To #UKdividend

Danny Alexander of the UK Treasury today announced that everyone in Scotland would be enjoying a £1,400 a year dividend if Scotland decides to stay in the UK. Danny’s maths have been embarrassingly called into question after Professor Dunleavy from the London School of Economics who wrote the report that Danny based his sums on denounced the gross manipulation of his report. The Treasury has nonetheless battled on and tried to get a new hashtag trending on Twitter. Unfortunately for them it has backfired spectacularly. Here’s some of the best responses so far.

I've decided to spend my � #UKDividend on cataclysm insurance.

— Wings Over Scotland (@WingsScotland)

I'd like to donate my #UKdividend towards a new calculator for Danny Alexander.

— sugarsheds (@sugarsheds)

I would pay an OAP's energy bill for a year so they would be warm . #1400reasons #ukdividend #IndyRefUnity

— Maria Fawcett (@Shoolyboo)

I'm giving my #UKDividend to Danny Alexander since he'll be unemployed soon and will need to supplement his stingy benefits somehow

— Derec Thompson (@DerecThompson)

@WingsScotland I'd spend my #UKDividend on Kleenex for this man.#VoteYes

— Steven (@StevenJSim)

Hey @dannyalexander. Hasn’t all of our #UKDividend already been spent on banker’s bonuses?

— Colin Dunn (@Zarkwan)

@DarylBaptie @Rossmatthews86 I'd spend my #UKDividend on removing radio-active particles from Dalgety Bay beach! #youyesyet

— Jim Cowin (@JimCowin)

I'd spend my #UKDividend on an opinion poll and keep the results to myself.

— John Ferguson (@johnferguson88)

I'd spend my #UKDividend on 3.36cm of the HS2.

— King Rossco (@KingRossco)

I would spend my #UKDividend on renting a cottage near Faslane so I can watch when Trident replacement sails up the Clyde. #bairnsnotbombs

— HalMcCoy (@HalMcCoy72)

I'm spending my #UKdividend on blackjack & hookers.

— Veridis Quo (@METAKNlGHT)

@WingsScotland I'd pay for 24 days of the BBC's CBI membership #UKDividend

— Iain Gordon (@iainhg)

@WingsScotland I would pay 0.00007% of Gary Barlows tax avoidance bill #UKdividend

— The Scottington Post (@ScottingtonPost)

I would spend my � towards a high speed rail link that comes no where near Scotland #UKdividend

— Gr8 Mums (@Gr8mums)

@WingsScotland I'd buy 0.1% of one Trident missile. You're thinking that's probably not enough, but I know a guy. #UKdividend

— Bombskare (@B0MBSKARE)

. @hmtreasury @dannyalexander Does that include the folk who can’t afford to feed their kids and have to rely on food banks? #UKdividend

— Stephen McNally (@bagpie)

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