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Who Wore It Better

Do you ever wonder how the Fashion Designers of today's world get their Inspiration from, check this out and you'll get a whole lot of things... Who wore it better ?? Comment down below !! Don't forget to LOL

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2. Dropped my Phone and LIGHT BULB !!

3. Who wore it better

4. Yummy !! Yummy !! Sand Bieber

5. I flushed and LIGHT BULB

6. Looks the same

7. OH MAN !!

8. Was eating and then... Wait what, they look the same

9. OH MY Duster

10. Look at that !!

11. Crushed a Cigarette and LIGHT BULB

12. Fairy Tales are true

13. Who wore it better ??

14. That Bus helped me a lot

15. Super markets are inspirations

16. Fly !! fly !!

17. Code RED

18. Llamas have helped me a lot

19. Hold on man !!

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