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ENGLISH, What a Language...

English is a simple language right but it has some crazy, weird which are awesome Facts and Words that'll leave you shocked. So what're you waiting for, read this funny article and LOL :-)

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English Oh English... You'll be shocked after reading this :-0

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Did you know enneacontakaienneagon is actually a word and you thought pronouncing Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

was difficult… English may seem simple but is a complex language with crazy words like


Which is a lung disease and the longest word… ‘I am’ is the shortest complete sentence. And ‘I’ is the oldest, shortest and the most commonly used word. Some sentences like ‘The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog’ are pangram- a sentence which has all the alphabets. Everybody has gone through a dictionary at least once in their lifetime. A new word gets added to the same dictionary you’ve been through. Did you know that the word ‘SWIMS’ will remain ‘SWIMS’ even if upside down. Okay, okay you knew that but what about this- English is the air language, which means that all the pilots need to speak in English while flying regardless of their origin. Even if they are of the same origin, English Please!!

Now you would’ve understood (hopefully) that English is a complex, funny, silly and frankly speaking a Terrible language… : - ()

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