Fifty Shots Of Kristen Stewart Smiling

Kristen Stewart has become Grumpy Cat personified and ridiculed for having a constant curmudgeon face. Here’s fifty shots of her defying the internet.

1. Everything takes a little practice..

Just give her time, guys.

4. She’s getting better..

5. She’s giving in..

6. Guys, I think this is genuine..

What a glow.

8. I have never got off a plane and smiled. Ever. / Via Google

Even at the paparazzi in Tokyo..

10. Someone enjoyed themselves on Jay Leno. / Via Google

Can someone give this girl an award?

11. Like a dandelion in the sun.

Lookin’ good, Stewart.

12. It might be all the hairspray fumes.

13. Someone’s got the munchies.

14. Blondie in the house.

16. This totally says strong capable woman.

There are actual sparkles in her eyes!

17. I mean..



Why isn’t this a meme?

19. Smiles don’t always have to show teeth..

This must have been during her Jodie Foster phase.

20. Maybe she was trying out for Bring It On..

22. Cue Patrick Swayze dancing in the background.

23. Happy to be alive..

..still smiling even after dropping her award two years prior.

26. I don’t see the issue here..

27. Aw, yeah.

you can’t fake this dorkiness, guys.

29. I know smiling isn’t hard!

I just don’t do it to please you all.

30. Double take.

O yeah, it’s real.

31. I see you trolls..

I see you..

34. Those pearly whites be shinin’

37. Laughing with Taylor Lautner

And not AT him. Abduction, guys, Abduction.

38. I guess she and Katy Perry are close.

42. This screams sneaky.

Sneaky girl who smiles when no one’s looking. I feel you, girl.

43. I couldn’t force this with oily hair myself.

44. She’s got good music taste too.

45. Pulling her hair out because the media baffles her.

The chick is smiley all the time. Why use all the pissy photos?

47. We’re only judging her smile.. not the belt.

48. She knows how to get down.

It’s cute, people. Really.

49. She’s just a little frustrated..

She’ll get over it guys.. She will.

51. Don’t let her fool you. She’ll still kick your ass.

52. Haters gonna hate.

Get off her dick.

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