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    Trends, Opportunities, And Developments About The Technology Market - From Industry Experts

    The business end of web development gets explored in this article post written by: Craig Larson

    What else could be in store for the technology market in 2020? At the rate that things are changing with the Internet of Things (IoT), and other innovations, it seems to be almost impossible to predict the direction that technology is being driven into by its producers and users.

    Computer and information technology related implements are advancing quickly—what was just being conceptualized in the past decade are now in prototypes and some are even already massively distributed and availed in different industries.

    Exponential technologies that include virtual and augmented reality experience, artificial intelligence, and even cognitive technologies that allow use of speech and pattern recognition, as well as big data exchanges in the cloud are now widely used in software and consumer apps across the tech industry.

    These innovations drive an increase in the usage of these consumer products, and in effect, also increasing the demand for cybersecurity products to counter hacking and phishing issues.

    How the proprietors of these ventures all found out their way to targeted users-consumers can be largely attributed to the global adaption of various online marketing strategies and innovations in market research and development. On a positive note, almost anything is now being offered as a service through the internet and work can now be done remotely, at the comforts of the beach front, or while staying at home, and even while out on the road with the use of mobile applications.

    Gigs” have even become an alternative by-word to mean work, because work has become less distressing and uptight, with more employers now becoming amenable to flexible hours, project-based agreements, and independent contracting. More workers have since then shifted from being normally employed, to choosing to be self-employed, owing their businesses, working at their own time and space.

    Seizing the opportunity arising from the global increase in online activities, affiliate marketing became one of the formidable avenues through which merchants can magnify their market reach for research and sales purposes. Since affiliate marketers are highly skilled and adept with the market trends and are directly in touch with the targeted consumer base, they are more proactive at connecting to prospects and pitching in relevant advertisements, offers, and deals.

    John Crestani, a former corporate employee who got ditched out of his cushy job is only one of many people who have found a better living opportunity in the affiliate marketing space. What sets him apart from the rest though, is how he was able to build an empire on this slice of pie in internet marketing.

    With his unparalled insight and experience, he succeeded in transforming into a self-employed marketer, he has ventured into sharing the knowledge and training a handful of aspiring marketers to delve into the complexities of digital marketing solutions which are not easy to find right off the shelf, but with the right combination of understanding enterprise models, awareness of competitive threats, creativity in communicating compelling call-to-action ads, and being strongly passionate about work, are highly viable and needed by businesses. His work has earned for him recognition in the technology market and along with it, he is now living his dreams. So also is Brian Kelly, Charles Ngo and WireCutters Crew.

    Indeed, there is more to affiliate programs than the icons steering the elms, and the massive army of upcomers. This post was only able to achieve a slight part of its objective in presenting to developers, (being mostly tech guys with obvious marketing handicaps), that beyond the work plan associated with creativity is another brewing industry dedicated to audience engagement. Also, perhaps some form of inspiration will be sparked about developing a viable platform which might help to further propagate our trade partners.

    The business end of marketing our software is also another billion dollar industry worthy of some more technical evaluation.

    There's plenty to expect over the next few years, but one sure thing we can all look forward to is that developers will never run out of products to sell in the technology market, nor would avenues dedicated to getting them out across vast demographic of interested audience.

    What to expect from this tech reporter is a follow up post if responses to my views are encouraging.

    Thanks for reading peers!