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Alex Naidus 1 hour ago

A Police Officer Who Threatened To Shoot A Black Family During A Shoplifting Investigation Will Be Fired

"I have expectations of my employees to be respectful, to be courteous, to be decisive, and to treat everyone with dignity," Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams said.

Claudia Koerner 3 hours ago
Matt Stopera 7 hours ago

27 Things We Learned On Set With Elizabeth Olsen

"All I see is us making things for fans. That’s the only thing I think about when we do Marvel movies."

Nora Dominick 5 hours ago

Donald Trump Jr. And MAGA Twitter Are Pressuring Sen. Lindsey Graham To Defend Trump From Impeachment

Graham is one of the president’s key allies, but Trump supporters got a #WheresLindsey hashtag trending Tuesday.

Ryan C. Brooks 2 hours ago

19 "The Good Place" Tweets For Anyone Who's Obsessed With Jason Mendoza

"I love one man and his name is Jason Mendoza."

Jen Abidor 8 hours ago

23 "Crappy" Movies That Are Actually Fantastic

Rotten Tomatoes needs to check itself.

Shelby Heinrich 2 hours ago

Lizzy Caplan Agrees That Janis Ian Was Actually One Of The Mean Girls

Caplan opened up to BuzzFeed News about working on Castle Rock and a Mean Girls reboot.

David Mack 9 hours ago
Clare Aston 4 hours ago

18 Movie Endings That Made No Sense Whatsoever

"I have no clue what it means, but I think about it every day."


The House You Build For Your Future Family Will Reveal Where You'll Get Engaged

Will it be at the top of the Eiffel Tower or at your birthday party?

Taylor Owens 4 hours ago

21 Ways That Bali And Australia Are Same Same But Different

Bali's beach clubs > Australia's cafe scene. Change my mind.

soniataylor 2 hours ago

Are They Your Best Friend Or Soulmate?

There could be more there than you realized.

lyaav224 8 hours ago

27 Things You Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda Bought Before That Are Still Great Now

Stop lollygagging and get that wish list from the cart to the house.

Marquaysa Battle 6 hours ago

Create A Halloween Themed Wedding And We'll Tell You All About Your Future Spouse

There's nothing more romantic than a bouquet full of eyeballs.

Pablo Valdivia 10 hours ago

If You Were An Evil Doll, Which One Would You Be?

Are you more of a Chucky or a Tiffany?

Mireya González 7 hours ago
Christopher Hudspeth 4 hours ago
Ellie Hall 3 hours ago
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