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20 Things Everyone Suffering From Hay Fever Can Relate To

Hay fever is literally the worst thing in the world. You feel like you're constantly producing snot, your throat is itchy and you just want to scratch the hell out of your eyeballs. Scroll down for struggles all hay fever sufferers experience once the pollen is out! Damn you pollen!

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1. The P-word makes you shudder

2. People mistake your watering eyes for tears & assume you're an emotional wreck

3. When you speak you sound like Gretchen from Recess

4. When you inhale through your nose you sound more like Noo Noo

5. It helps to wear sunglasses to keep the pollen out but then you look like a nob wearing them all the time

6. You are constantly leaking snot

7. Sex is ruined when you drop a snot-bomb on your partner

8. You need a CONSTANT supply of tissues

9. When you've run out anything becomes a tissue

10. Your eyes are so itchy you wish you could tear them out

11. The more you itch THE ITCHIER THEY BECOME

12. They feel puffy, dry and swollen 24/7

13. Having one blocked nostril is literally the worst thing in the world

14. Not being able to breathe WILL keep you up all night

15. So you find yourself taking about a million showers a day. Goodbye pollen. Hello water bill!

16. A sneezing fit makes you feel SO crap you just want to cry

17. Especially when one sneeze triggers a thousand


19. Everyone wants to sit in the sun. You just want to stay indoors away from all the pollen

20. Stay strong hay fever sufferers, get those antihistamines and plenty of fruit & veg. You're not alone!

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