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20 Things You'll Refuse To Believe Are 20 Years Old This Year

Feeling ancient yet?

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7. The same Brit Awards where Jarvis Cocker took it upon himself to flash his bottom during Michael Jackson's performance of "Earth Song".

14. It's been 20 years since "football came home", and the nation was gripped with football fever...until England drew 1–1 to Germany in the semi-final and missed out on the title.

20. And finally, the world's largest search engine was born in January 1996 as a mere research project at Stanford University.

Try and wrap your minds around that. Just try.

You'll never guess what else is turning 20 this year...Independence Day! Hard to believe, right? If you loved the last film, make sure to catch the next installment, Independence Day: Resurgence, in cinemas 23 June.

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