12 Reasons To Consider A Robot For Your Next Life Partner

Who needs humans, anyway?

1. Robots can be programmed to love you for a very long time.

Even if they are famous DJs.

2. They’re always in a good mood. Overly emotional does not compute.

3. No bad mood = No talking back.

Everett Digital

… or talking at all in some cases.

4. They can take the edge off after a long day.

5. Got a thing for artists? Musicians? Dancers? You’re in luck, they can do all that stuff!

They can woo you with all their talents. Aww yeah.

6. Need some milk from the shop? They’ll be there and back before you know it.

And they will most definitely bring you back flowers. ;)

7. If you ask, they’ll party with you all night and never get tired!

Yes, that includes Cybermen.

8. They’ll do whatever you ask them to.

Do the laundry, Robot. Please, tell me my butt looks good in these jeans? Thanks Robot, you’re the best.

9. If they happen to be a Transformer, they can double as transportation!

We hear that Bumble Bee is a particularly really nice guy… er… robot.

10. Plus they’re great with animals and will get along perfectly with your pets.

A pretty seamless transition into your family, really.

11. So before you write these guys off, remember how romantic they are…

BBC / courtesy Everett Collection

What’s more romantic than a Dalek waiting for you in the rain?

12. Because, well, you programmed them that way!


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