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    25 Tumblr Posts About Bisexuality That Will Make You Cry With Laughter

    "bisexual means u only have sex twice. in ur entire lifetime. 2."

    1. The real perk of being bisexual:

    2. It's awesome being understood by everyone.

    3. Sounds about right.

    4. Bisexuals are just so selfish...

    5. It's a lonely life being bi...

    6. I choose puppies and fries:

    7. The element that's also a queer icon:

    8. The alternative nomenclature for bisexuals:

    9. These jeans that are just too relatable:

    10. It's basically all the same.

    11. Shhhhhhhh, or else you'll share our secret....

    12. It's a known fact that seeing a wild bisexual grants you strength.

    13. "Bicepsual curls":

    14. Making bisexual jokes can be rough 'cause it can go either way.

    15. When you're a good bi:

    16. The possibilities are endless.

    17. Truth.

    18. Can't we just live?!

    science: bi people are very anxious everyone: lmao why also everyone:

    19. I mean, they're not wrong...

    20. Scarecrow: a bi advocate since 1949.

    21. This helpful guide:

    22. The more you know:

    23. The most important animal:

    24. It's probably because most people believe unicorns exist.

    25. And, of course, this ultimate truth:

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