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These Plant-Based Meats Will Have You Saying, “OMG, It Tastes Like The Real Thing!”

Incogmeato™ burgers and bratwursts look, cook, and taste like real meat!

So you're curious about trying plant-based meat but something's stopping you. Maybe it's that little voice in your head saying, "It won't taste good"?

One bite into an Incogmeato burger or bratwurst will make that little voice — poof! — disappear.

When it comes to 100% plant-based protein, you want something that's disguised as the real deal. Incogmeato™ is made to look, cook, and taste like meat, so you can cast your hesitation aside and pursue your curiosity fully!

A cheeseburger

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate how beautifully this patty cooks? It sizzles just like a real burger!

As much as you'd like to, eating meat every day isn't the best for you. But guess what? Incogmeato™ can help you cheat that, so you can feel good while having your burgers and brats.

A bratwurst hot dog alongside its raw counterpart

Of course, mouthfeel is important to many foodies so you'll be happy to learn that Incogmeato burgers bleed like real meat and the brats have that classic snap!

A bratwurst in a hot dog bun

These beauties look so convincing you can't tell which is plant-based.

When you’re craving meat without the meat sweats, grab yourself one of these.

If you're looking for plant-based alternatives that look, taste, and cook like the real thing, try Incogmeato™ burgers, brats, chik'n tenders, and more.

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All images via Incogmeato™ unless otherwise stated.