23 Things More Boring Than Being Home For The Holidays

Tired of hanging out with the family? It could be worse. Way worse.

1. Just picture yourself waiting in this Starbucks line.

2. Already sick of playing board games with your cousins? Here is a 10-minute video of paint drying.

3. If you’re bored of reading your mom’s old Real Simples,

Here are the terms of service of owning a Microsoft Zune.

4. You could be eating a bowl of plain iceberg lettuce.

5. Or eating an ice cream cone without ice cream in it.

6. What’s worse than another round of Wii? Paper clips.

7. Here is a map of all the TCBYs in Tallahassee, Florida.

8. Trying to show your dad the “Gangnam Style” video? Maybe your computer will do this.

10. If you’re so over Bejeweled, play the most boring computer game on earth.

Experience it here.

11. Instead of watching your parents’ DVR, you could listen to the Kardashians talk.

12. Or grab some popcorn and check out this video of a washing machine doing its thing.

13. Not convinced? This grass is growing for 7 straight minutes!

14. What’s better than learning about the history of the quadratic formula?

Learning about it through a Powerpoint presentation!

15. Done scrolling through your friends’ statuses? Here’s a super exciting Facebook post.

16. Don’t go to Best Buy with your uncle. Want to go online shopping for conference room chairs?

Start here — there’s an endless selection!

17. This bagel looks good! But wait, you have to eat it plain, with NO toppings.

18. Maybe it’s finally time to go down to the DMV and get the address changed on your license.

19. Check out this Venn diagram!

20. You’re almost there! Cool off with this nice glass of lukewarm tap water.

21. Wondering how to load and run a dishwasher? Here’s a step-by-step video.

22. And check out these different ways to fold paper.

23. FWIW, here is the floor plan of the Marriott Hotel in Cincinnati, Ohio.

24. Feeling better? Now go do an adware scan on your parents’ computer — they’ll thank you!

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