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    23 Dogs That Are Already Over The Holidays

    It'll all be over soon, guys!

    Hunter is trying to think of an excuse to miss your ugly sweater party.

    Petunia got another musical Blue Mountain e-card from her great-aunt Helen.

    Max does not want to watch "Elf" with his annoying cousins from Minnesota.

    Toby hasn't seen the sun since September 3.

    Raffles is already stressed about losing his holiday weight.

    Daisy thinks gift cards are impersonal but procrastinated and ended up getting her Secret Santa a coupon for a free Starbucks drink.

    Frank has already had three hangovers this week.

    Mittens' dad is so hard to shop for.

    Maggie and Giggles think eggnog is disgusting.

    Cuddles waited too long and had to pay for overnight shipping for all of the gifts he bought on Amazon.

    Rex thinks Christmas has gotten way too over-commercialized.

    Millie can't believe she's single for yet ANOTHER holiday season.

    Patches got way too drunk at his work party and hit on a ton of his co-workers.

    If Esmeralda hears one more radio station play "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer," she's going to lose it.

    Todd's in-laws think it's so funny to give everyone a literal lump of coal every year.

    Francine's flight home to Ohio cost $700.

    Gus' parents stopped doing Hanukkah gifts years ago.

    Emma's co-worker won't stop listening to the Country Christmas Pandora station -- without headphones.

    Winnie has to pretend to love that hideous outfit Aunt Gertrude got her.

    Suzie HATES making small talk at parties.

    Gretchen and Sadie don't have New Year's plans yet and are starting to get a little nervous.

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