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    12 Reasons Fish Were The Best Pets

    Your parents were allergic. You were born in the '80s. Guess what: You had an aquarium!

    1. Your dad's allergic to dogs and your mom's allergic to cats. Guess what kind of pet you had!

    2. But wait, aquariums were cool! You could get a whole bunch of fake plants for it.

    3. You probably had neon tetra fish...

    4. But the most badass were the angelfish.

    5. Their food looked like this.

    6. Everyone got one of these at the carnival.

    7. You wanted to get betta fish, but your brother wanted to get two and make them fight.

    8. Cleaning it took forever.

    9. If your family was REALLY cool, you had a saltwater aquarium.

    10. Your rich aunt and uncle probably had one of these.

    11. OK, maybe you were mad you'd never grow up with one of these guys:

    12. But you got to have one of THESE!!