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What Went Wrong For Rosetta Stone

A second activist hedge fund has bought up a large stake in the struggling language-learning company. Here's why the two activists say change is needed — and fast.

The 5 Best And Worst Short-Selling Activists In The Game

A new database has tracked the biggest winners and losers in activist short-selling. Pershing Square's Bill Ackman, despite Herbalife, is one of the best; David Einhorn of Greenlight Capital, isn't.

CEO Pay Emerges As This Year's Hot Button Issue

Investor discontent for executive compensation packages has caught many corporate boards off guard, particularly since stock prices are generally up, experts say.

"Uber For Investing" Startup Wealthfront Now Has $1 Billion In Assets

The leading automated financial advisory startup has rocketed up from $700 million in assets in February to cross the billion-dollar mark less than four months later, as its young demographic has continued to invest using the algorithm-based technology.

Cupcakes, Teddy Bears, And Egg Cartons Among Hedge Fund Managers' Hot Picks

BuzzFeed scored an invite to the 2014 Value Investing Congress in Las Vegas, where hedge fund managers from across the country and around the world come to divulge their favorite longs and shorts, and place a few other bets in the process. Here's the scoop on what's hot and what's not.

What Happens When You Don't Take Carl Icahn's Advice

Sometimes the billionaire activist pushed for a change that didn’t come, and companies fared better than if they’d heeded his advice, data shows. Most times, Carl Icahn made a lot of money.

Short Sellers' New Favorite Platform: Twitter

Hedge fund managers are increasingly tweeting their research and their sharp-edged attacks betting that a company's stock will fall instead of rise, in a medium that was made for stirring up trouble.

Meet The Most Photographed Trader On Wall Street

Peter Tuchman has been on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange for almost 30 years. He's seen it all, and if you've read a Wall Street-related story over that time, you've probably seen him.

Shocker! Economists Worry About How Fed Moves Could Doom Market

With the Federal Reserve's meeting currently underway, many are expecting the board to stay the course with its $85 billion in monthly bond purchases due to the government shutdown. As far as markets are concerned, this could mean a nightmarish next few months, economists say.

Why Google Could Be In Serious Trouble

The company's leaked earnings have sent its stock tumbling — shares have even been halted. Google isn't losing money yet, but it is losing its main moneymaker. A dire outlook for one of the tech greats.

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