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Microsoft's New Social Network Launched Officially On Sunday

It's called and it's borrowing from Google Plus, Facebook, Pinterest, Flipboard, and many other successful social and sharing sites. Microsoft says it's primarily for students (as Facebook once was), but it's open to all. I decided to check it out for myself...

The Men Who Tweet Too Much

Most people aren't even aware that Twitter has a speed limit. But a handful of extraordinary tweeters exceed it almost every single day.

Google+ Take Two

The social network gets a massive redesign. It's equal parts Facebook circa 2009 and Twitter circa, well, now.

World Map of Social Networks

If you think Facebook is taking over the world... you are correct. In a nifty map, Vincenzo Cosenza has displayed the trends of social networking around the world. In the US we use Facebook. In (Soviet) Russia V Kontakte use you!

Follow BuzzFeed On Digg!

Hey friends - will you take just a second to do us a quick favor? If you haven't already, please take a moment to follow BuzzFeed on the new Digg.

Trent Reznor: "Goodbye MySpace"

OMG, Trent Reznor is leaving social networking for good! He says he is tired of all the haterz. :(


A social-networking site that calls itself "Facebook meets Jackass" is made up of a community daring each other to do wild stuff.

Jon Stewart Explains Twitter

The Twittersphere is excited today that Jon Stewart did a whole segment on trying to make sense of Twitter last night. It's definitely funny, but it doesn't really seem like the coming out party everyone's saying it is. Like, when John McCain is happily tweeting from his Blackberry, it seems like the service has got to be pretty mainstream already.

Facebook Explained!

You thought you knew what Facebook was for, but you didn't.

LeVar Burton Is Webby

The former Reading Rainbow host (and star of Star Trek and Roots) has taken back his Twitter after an impostor set up a fake account in his name, consequently turning Burton into somewhat of a new media junkie.


A Poken is a small gadget for your keychain that allows you to share all your social networking information with other people just by touching your Poken to theirs.

NPR Community

National Public Radio has a launched a social networking element to their site, which builds upon their noticeably aggressive (and successful) foray into accruing digital prowess with free podcasts and downloads.

Times People

The New York Times has launched a plug-in (still in beta form) that will function as an intra-site social network without the whole "self-branding" thing.

Facebook In Real Life

Imagine if your life worked just like it does on the mammoth social network. Scary, right?

MySpace Karaoke

MySpace Karaoke will allow users to belt out their favorite songs, record their renditions, and stick them up on their MySpace profile.


PMOG, currently in private beta, is a Firefox add-on that lets you interact with other users asynchronously on websites you visit. It stands for "passively multiplayer online game." Frees The Music moves to an ad-supported and subscription service model while offering free streaming of all tracks.

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