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なぜラップがナショナリストたちのための音楽になったのか? 極右派と惹かれ合うラッパーたち


How Rap Became The Soundtrack To Polish Nationalism

There’s a world of rappers who make tracks about World War II, attack the EU, and endorse marches organized by white nationalists. They're big in Poland, where a new fight over the Holocaust shows how history has become a weapon.

The Hunt For Poland's Buried Nazi Gold Trains

Last summer, explorers in Poland claimed to have discovered tunnels built for trains carrying plundered Nazi gold, only to be debunked a few months later. But for the true believers who've been hunting for this treasure for decades, this merely proved what they've thought all along: Inside these mountains are secrets and stories that some would rather stay buried.

Jak wyssana z palca historia zrujnowała życie trojgu ludziom

Fotografując wypadek który miał miejsce w jego rodzinnym mieście, Zdzisław Mołodyński w żaden sposób nie mógł spodziewać się, że jego reportaż, przekręcony przez brytyjską prasę, wyrządzi tyle szkód.

Polish Newsweek Cover Calls Putin Evil

On Newsweek's Polish cover, Russian President Vladimir Putin is pictured in a straight jacket over the words "Evil Empire."

Now Poland Claims Credit For Syria Deal

Confusion grows over the origin of a potential compromise on Syria as Poland throws its hat into the ring. [UPDATE: Polish Ambassador confirms reports.]

Jewish Figures Defend Poland

Groups including the Anti-Defamation League are with Poland on the "Polish death camps" issue. Daroff dissents: "Methinks the Poles doth protest too much about this 'controversy.'"

Poles Demand Obama Apology For "Polish Death Camps" Comment

The president referred to "Polish death camps" while awarding a posthumous Medal of Freedom to Polish professor Jan Karski, a hero of the anti-Nazi resistance. UPDATE: "The President misspoke," says Vietor. But Polish leader wants a "clearer" apology.

Obama's Hint To Medvedev Rattles Poland

Obama's Republican rivals aren't the only ones alarmed by his hot mic suggestion that missile defense — implicitly, defending Eastern Europe from Russia — could be softened after his re-election. The headline in the largest Polish tabloid, Fakt: "Were they trading Poland? Puzzling Obama talk with Medvedev about the missile shield."

Anonymous Invades Polish Parliament

Pop culture is seeping into politics more and more every day. The Polish Palikota Party showed a united front, and abuse of office copier regulation, during parliament yesterday.

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