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The Tennis Racket

Betting worth billions. Elite players. Violent threats. Covert messages with Sicilian gamblers. And suspicious matches at Wimbledon. Leaked files expose match-fixing evidence that tennis authorities have kept secret for years.

Casinos Keep New York School Money

When slot machines were legalized 14 years ago for the New York Lottery, they were supposed to pay the vast majority of their profits to education. Today they pay less than half.

Become A Millionaire Playing Fantasy Football

DraftStreet, the fantasy sports website that allows for daily and weekly instead of full-season play, will bring 40 players to Las Vegas to compete in a tournament with a $1 million grand prize, the largest single guaranteed award in fantasy sports history.

Intrade Shuts Doors To Americans

The online futures site, popular during the presidential campaign, shuts its doors in response to a federal lawsuit.

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