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Board Games

12 Board Games That Should Not Exist

Internet memes, "Jersey Shore," and ESPECIALLY Zynga ripoffs-of-board-games-turned-back-into-board-games are an affront to gaming. They must be stopped.

Fallout Monopoly

What do you mean this isn't available at retail? Deviant artist Pink Axolotl made this one of a kind board for her boyfriend's birthday. Now if we all work together, we can steal it.


14 Movie Premises Based On Board Games

Hollywood should feel free to contact me about my writing credit. With movies based on Candyland, Battleship, Monopoly and even Ouija, Hollywood is really scraping the bottom of the barrel. So while they're down there, they might as well cash in on our nostalgia too. I took thirty minutes days out of my time to help them with these well thought out and plot-hole proof concepts.

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