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Is This From The Bible Or From A Movie?

One is a story filled with vengeful gods, miracles, and excitement. And the other is the Bible.

Mormon Confessions

I’m a Mormon, but sometimes I wish I wasn’t…

Bible Found In Tornado Victims' Home Was Open To Inspiring Verse

Brenda and David Tapley were killed in the Texas tornado, but their family is finding comfort in this scripture. The family bible was found laying in the rubble, open to a verse that talked about enduring faith in the wake of struggles.

ISIS Militants Blow Up Jonah's Tomb In Iraq

The militant group has been destroying holy sites as it seeks to impose Sharia law. This week, it blew up the tomb of the biblical prophet said to have survived inside a whale.


Costco Accidentally Labeled The Bible As "Fiction"

After a pastor tweeted a picture of the Bible labeled as "fiction," a lot of people freaked out. Others thought it was hilarious and appropriate. The pastor has since made amends with Costco on twitter.

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