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Mike Huckabee Flip-Flopped On Social Security And Medicare

The former Arkansas governor has cast himself this election cycle as the defender of Social Security and Medicare, but in 2011, he wrote in his book that the U.S. government should raise the eligibility age for both programs, and reduce benefits for Social Security.

How Are States Reacting To The Supreme Court's Marriage Equality Decision?

Same-sex couples are marrying in parts of Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Michigan, Nebraska, Ohio, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Texas. While some governors have declared the end of marriage bans in their states, other state officials decried the court's decision and left the next steps in doubt.

Arkansas Governor Signs Revised Religious Freedom Bill Into Law

Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson on Wednesday had called for state lawmakers to recall a religious freedom bill and amend its language to mirror a long-standing federal law. The legislature gave final approval to a revised bill Thursday afternoon and the governor signed it within the hour.


Arkansas Legislature Passes Bill Allowing LGBT Discrimination

Gov. Asa Hutchinson said he will allow the bill to become law, thereby preventing cities and counties from passing ordinances designed to protect LGBT people from discrimination in housing, jobs, and businesses.

55 Missing People Who Need Your Help

The #FindAMissingPerson hashtag was created to bring awareness to the thousands of people who go missing in the U.S. each year. We challenge you, the internet at large, to help find these 55 missing people.

First Same-Sex Marriage License Issued In Arkansas

The marriage license was issued a day after Judge Chris Piazza ruled a decade-old ban is unconstitutional. Kristin Seaton and Jennifer Rambo of Fort Smith were the first couple to be married Saturday morning.

What It's Like To Actually Know Hillary Clinton

In Arkansas, friends who met Clinton in the '70s are tired of living the '90s over and over again. The endless hunt for who Hillary Clinton really is. "Everything old is new again."

Meet Wal-Mart's New Corporate Overlord

Doug McMillon, the head of its International division, is set to take over the CEO reigns from Mike Duke on February 1. Here are 6 facts to help acquaint you with him.

How Mike Huckabee Stays Relevant

He's at the center of the Akin mess, and of conservative politics. Arkansas' Ed Koch?

Arkansas Congressman Considering G.I. Bill Fix

Rep. Tim Griffin says he wants to end student veterans delays for tuition, rent. The VA says they're speeding payments after a BuzzFeed report.

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