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    29 Wedding Favors To Gift At Your Wedding That Aren't Mints

    You think you're ~mint~ to have simple favors, but you're wrong. So, so wrong.

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    1. A skeleton key that doubles as a bottle opener your guests can hang on their keychains like a neat little trinket to remind them of how much fun your wedding was.

    Reviewer photo of the key and the tag that says "Thank you for being a key part of our lives"

    2. Real succulents to start their new plant obsession. Favors like these can be so much more meaningful as it's a live plant that they need to take care of.

    A bunch of succulents on a table with tags in them that say "let love grow"

    3. Or succulent candles if you don't want to add unnecessary pressure to those guests who claim they have a serious black thumb and can't take care of plants.

    Reviewer photo of 11 succulent candles in a container with the text overlay "Sorry, they're just so flippin cute" on the image

    4. Sunglasses perfect for a sunny, summer outdoor wedding so your guests can enjoy the celebration while protecting their peepers *and* looking cool.

    A reviewer photo of sunglasses on teal party bags with white tissues

    5. A jar of honey to sweeten up the night with a favor they'll actually use. You can print out your own labels to add to the jar or even add a ribbon accent that matches your wedding's color palette.

    Reviewer photo of jars of honey stacked into a pyramid form

    6. A votive and tea light candle so romantic, they'll use it again and again just to bring back the magic of your wedding in their home.

    The tea candle in a wooden votive with white flowers and a wooden heart on the front that says "Courtney and David"

    7. Or a simple candle if you're going for a more minimal look. A lovely message on the lid, a beautiful gold tin — what more do you need?

    Three white candles in gold tins with a blue label that says "Love on fire, Whitney and Tyler, Established July 25, 2020"

    8. A compass ornament so your guests can find their way to their seats easily. Totally kidding, but it would definitely be a unique gift paying homage to the new adventure you're starting with your partner.

    The compass ornament with a bottle opener key and a tag tied to it

    9. Maple syrup favors that are perfect for a fall wedding without being *too* overly cheesy autumn. Like, don't give out PSLs and plaid scarves, okay?

    A close up of a bottle of maple syrup with a piece of fabric on the lid tied with twine

    10. A wine stopper because you just *know* they'll be using this every night. Ugh, don't we just love practical favors?

    Reviewer photo of a compass bottle stopper in gold in a box that says "Our Adventure Begins"

    11. A fleece blanket that they can use if your wedding is during a chilly month, keeping them warm and cozy while they celebrate your special day.

    Dark green and navy blue blankets in baskets outside on a bench with a sign that says "to have and to cold, in case you get cold"

    12. Simple tea favors if you're going for the whimsical garden tea party theme. You can choose from 11 different teas *and* even coffee if you're feeling ~spicy~.

    12 bottles with cork tops of various tea leaves with gift tags on them that say "Ryan and Katie" with a date on it

    13. Or teaspoons if you didn't want to give out tea, but wanted to stick with your garden party theme you're planning. They even have cute little tea cups on the tips!

    Four teaspoons with a heart shape on the stem, two in a pink gift box and two next to it

    14. Wooden fans because summers are hot, but you want your guests to be comfortable while they party. They're light, foldable, and super easy to carry around the venue.

    A reviewer photo of the sandalwood fans in a wicker basket

    15. Bars of soaps for the lovely rustic wedding of your dreams. The soap is lavender-scented and it comes with a lovely flower of your choice, twine, and a cute little tag.

    Eight bars of soaps wrapped with twine, flowers, and a personalized tag that says "David and Sandy" with a date

    16. A campfire mug because honestly, you can never go wrong with mugs. Everyone loves mugs.

    Model is holding a blank white campfire mug with a stainless steel rim

    17. If you're feeling extra cozy, a hot cocoa mix in every campfire mug sure to be the *marshmallow* on top of a lovely gift. You can even just have a basket of these as a grab 'n go kind of gift!

    The hot cocoa packet

    18. Mini pumpkins that aren't as cliché as a typical orange pumpkin, but go so well with a chic fall wedding theme.

    Reviewer photo of white pumpkins next to a green garland

    19. Mulling spices so after all the fun they had at your wedding, they can hunker down at home with a mug of hot spiced cider and reminisce on the amazing night.

    A sachet full of spices for mulling wine or cider

    20. Mini champagne bottles that will quickly become the go-to drink of the night as they pop these bubbly drinks open and share with friends.

    Korbel mini champagne bottles with straws and ribbon tied to it

    21. Notebooks for a more practical favor your guests will definitely use to notes to themselves, grocery lists, or to write down their appointments they don't want to forget.

    22. A gift box you can fill with basically anything *but* mints, please. Some ideas to get you started: chocolates, mini marshmallows, those little Valentine's day hearts, leftover Halloween candy from three years ago — really anything!

    Reviewer photo of the marbled cardboard gift boxes with pink ribbon on top

    23. Luggage tags so they can always spot their bags while in the airport, but that also serves as a quick reminder that it doesn't matter where they go, your wedding will be their best memory.

    Black and white luggage tags that say "and so the adventure begins"

    24. Olive oil that is definitely a ~splurge-worthy~ favor, and will add an immense touch of fanciness to your wedding. I mean, if that's your vibe. Gordon Ramsey would be so proud. Well, maybe.

    The olive oil in bottles with a tag around the neck that says "Thank you"

    25. Drink coozies for the laid-back couple that knows their guests like to drink, have fun, and just be super chill.

    Reviewer photo of grey coozies with the words buzzed, lit, and hammered on each one with corresponding art of a bee, a lightbulb, and a hammer

    26. A plantable heart, because who doesn't love gifts that serve a meaningful purpose? They can actually plant the heart into the ground or an indoor pot and watch some beautiful foliage grow.

    Two natural cards with a heart shaped seed paper and says "Let love grow, plant the heart in a little soil, place in a sunny spot, and keep moist, watch wildflowers grow"

    27. Wedding favor bags you can put next to the dessert station and make the favors actually be a fun buffet bag of treats to enjoy during or after the reception!

    A brown paper baked goods bag with a garland design and the words "A sweet thank you" inside it and below that it says "John and Christine" with a date

    28. Personalized matches that'll really ~light~ up their lives. Bonus points if you put "It's A Match" on each one.

    Reviewer photo of a match box with a wooden background image and the words "it started with a spark, Nick and Jolene" written on it with a date

    29. And finally, hand sanitizer because when you really can't decide on a favor, you can *never* go wrong with some hand sani.

    Three hand sanitizer bottles that say Spread Joy on them

    Your guests when they realize they don't have to bring home *another* box of mints from a wedding: