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    26 Useful Things For The Home That TikTok Users Swear By

    Don't worry — you don't need to learn ~any~ TikTok dances to buy these products.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A cold brew coffee maker because you're spending way too much $$$ for your daily coffee (it's me) when you could just be making it right at home.

    Reviewer photo of the cold brew maker and a glass of iced coffee

    2. An acrylic bed tray that will not only help you not slump in bed while you work from home, but will look incredibly stylish and chic every time you use it.

    Model is sitting on a bed with a clear acrylic laptop table and a laptop on top of it

    3. A rainfall shower head because after a long day of work, don't you deserve to feel like you stepped into a luxurious spa when you open your bathroom door? The answer is yes. Yes you do.

    4. A pack of stickers to cover those obnoxious lights that emit from your electronics. You know...the one that keeps you up every night? Yeah, that one.

    Reviewer before and after of their alarm clock brightly lit and then dimly lit

    5. A collapsible sink colander so you can wash your veggies and fruits comfortably over the sink and easily put the strainer away, saving space in your cabinets!

    Reviewer photo of the strainer over a sink with a few vegetables in it

    6. A towel warmer that will become your favorite purchase you've ever made for the home. Once you dry yourself after a shower with a warm towel, you can *never* go back.

    Reviewer photo of the towel warmer with a towel hanging out of it

    7. A magnetic cloud key holder, which is just the cutest way of making sure you never lose your keys again. You just need to remember to put them here...

    Reviewer photo of the yellow cloud magnetic key holder with keys on it

    8. A battery-operated salt and pepper grinder set that'll have you feeling like you just stepped foot into a fancy 5-star restaurant. At least you know the chef isn't a rat.

    9. An acrylic organizer to clear up some space on your bathroom counter *and* make it really easy to find everything you need to accomplish your usual morning routine.

    Reviewer photo of the clear acrylic spinning organizer with beauty products on it

    10. Or a makeup organizer with a nifty hidden storage behind the mirror to hold your large beauty products, as well as a few drawers below. Bonus: It lights up!

    11. An inflatable fort because using blankets and sheets to build a fort takes waaay too much time, and by the time you're done, your kid is bored. All you need is a box fan and they'll have a magical fort in no time.

    Reviewer photo of an inflatable fort with a box fan attached

    12. A meal prep station so you can feel like you're finally embracing your inner Julia Child with the perfect mise en place in all the neighborhood. Bon appetít!

    Reviewer photo of the white meal prep station with various vegetables in each compartment

    13. A couch tray perfect for small spaces where having a normal-sized coffee table would basically take up the entire living room. It fits on most, if not all, couch arms and provides plenty of surface area for snacks and drinks.

    Reviewer photo of the couch shelf in a wood tone on a blue couch

    14. A foot warmer because even during the hottest days, your feet are icicles and I completely relate. Best part? It doubles as a massager! Now you've got 🎶 the beeest of both worlds 🎶.

    Person with their feet inside a foot warmer

    15. A magnetic motion-activated light that will light up any room in the house that needs it, but we all know that you're definitely going to put them on your stairs to protect you from the downstairs monster.

    16. A pet hair remover because lint rollers are great, but time consuming and kind of wasteful. All you need to do with these is pop them into your laundry, both the washer and dryer, and it'll collect *all* the pet hair off your clothes.

    17. A clip-on strainer that'll make draining your pasta your new favorite task. Gone are the days of the rogue macaroni escaping your pot!

    Reviewer photo of the green strainer attached to a pot full of water and pasta

    18. A toilet seat lifter because despite you keeping it clean, there's always something icky about the toilet and grabbing the lid just feels...*shudder*.

    Reviewer is standing above a toilet with a lid lifter attached while giving a thumbs up

    19. A toilet paper holder *with* a shelf where you can put your phone, some extra wipes, an extra roll, or even a cute little decor piece to look at when you forgot said phone. "Mmm, yes. This fake succulent is really helping the bowels move."

    Reviewer photo of the stainless steel toilet paper holder with a shelf that has a potted plant on top

    20. Silicone lids to store your food without having to switch things over to a food storage container, creating even more of a mess. You can keep it right in the bowl and place one of these bad boys on top. Gently press down and they'll suction right up!

    The silicone lids on top of containers in a fridge

    21. A bedside shelf you can use to put your laptop, iPad, books, phone — basically anything. It's like having a neat little nightstand without the loss of floor space!

    Reviewer photo of a white bedside shelf attached to a bed, there is an apple watch and books on top

    22. A desktop vacuum cleaner because we spend at least eight hours at our desk working (and snacking), which means crumbs happen. This mini vacuum will suck up all the crud, keeping the work station clean and ready to be used. Long story short, yes, you can go back to eating your Nature Valley bars with confidence.

    A reviewer before and after photo of a desk with cat fur and then without it

    23. A tea bag organizer to organize the mess of your tea collection, which has been essentially stuffed into a dark cabinet. Did you even know you owned Earl Grey? Probably not because it was hidden behind chai and English Breakfast.

    Reviewer photo of the clear acrylic tea containers with tea bags inside and labels on the front

    24. A mug warmer that'll keep your morning coffee warm for literally the entire day, but definitely in time for that 2:30 feeling.

    A temperature changing mug on top of a mug warmer, showing that the coffee inside is warm based on the color change

    25. A cereal dispenser that gives off "free continental breakfast" vibes and honestly it's my favorite thing about staying in hotels, so I approve this product wholeheartedly.

    Reviewer pic of the cereal dispenser in black

    26. And finally, a four-in-one bedside lamp so you not only have ambient lighting (which comes in three levels of brightness!) in your bedroom, but you can *also* charge your phone on it ~and~ play music.

    The bedside lamp where the light looks like a handle on the platform and there's a phone being charged in the center

    You, waiting for the delivery truck to arrive with your new goodies:

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