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    33 Super Simple Things That'll Make Your Home Look Upgraded

    If your computer can ask for updates every week, your home deserves one too.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. An arched mirror with the teeniest lil' shelf so you can have your go-to lipstick ready to be swiped before you head out the door.

    An arched mirror with a gold frame and shelf hung up on a wall

    2. Sheer curtains that will instantly make your space look airy, fresh, and even a little bit ✨ dreamy ✨.

    Reviewer photo of a living room with white sheer curtains on the windows

    3. Curtain rods because most people overlook these, but upgrading them can completely transform your windows with little to no effort from you. AKA my kind of upgrade.

    The brass curtain rod

    4. Marble-print contact paper to cover up those less-than-pretty countertops in as quickly as one day!

    5. A throw pillow cover so you can refresh your couch pillows without having to go out and buy *more* pillows. You save space and get to change up your place. It's a win-win!

    Four throw pillows with abstract textured covers on them

    6. A stylish area rug that's soft enough for you to enjoy walking barefoot on it, but also strong enough to handle even the heaviest of traffic in your home.

    A dining room with a white and grey geometric rug

    7. A pack of light bulbs for when you really like the "Edison bulb" look, but prefer when you have a bit more brightness than those bulbs can handle. Warm lights are fun, but sometimes you just need a good bright light!

    Reviewer photo of three light bulbs in a chandelier above a dining room table

    8. Stick-on tile backsplash to easily spruce up your kitchen space, even if you're a renter. No really! It's as easy as peeling and sticking!

    Reviewer photo of the white subway tiles as a backsplash in a kitchen

    9. An adorable tea towel because sometimes upgrading your home isn't about making big changes. Switching your kitchen towels (especially to something like this lil' cutie) will brighten up your home effortlessly.

    The beige towel with yellow sunflowers all throughout

    10. A tiered shelf that is not only functional, but truly looks like a piece of art installation on its own. Not to mention it's the *perfect* place to display your quirky tchotchkes.

    Three wooden shelves with two pipes attached to the sides and mounted on a wall

    11. A set of linen sheets so you can feel like your sleeping on a cloud while your bedroom looks like a literal dream.

    The sheets

    12. An LED vanity mirror for when your vibe is ~fancy hotel chic~. I see these all the time in nice hotel rooms and I just think it's the perfect style for the elegant and luxurious feel that'll make you *want* to spend time in the bathroom.

    Reviewer photo of the mirror installed in their bathroom and lit up, showcasing the LED lights surrounding the frame

    13. A mid-century floor lamp because it's absolutely time to upgrade from that old floor lamp with the different color lampshades you've had since high school. You know the one.

    14. A chunky knit blanket that'll make you want to throw yourself in your bed and cuddle all day inside it. Plus, the pop of color is such an easy upgrade to your bedroom.

    Writer's bedroom with a mustard yellow chunky knit blanket on top of their bed

    15. Peel-and-stick wallpaper to create the perfect statement piece in your home — your place looks upgraded and you didn't have to do anything else. Easy peasy.

    Reviewer photo of the wallpaper on a wall in front of a console table and lamp

    16. Subtle cord covers because cables can look so cluttered and unsightly, especially if you have a ton of electronics sharing an area (guilty).

    17. A lighting fixture that'll replace those basic default ones that came when you bought the place, and you'd be surprised at how much of a difference just changing your ceiling lights will make.

    A short round white lighting fixture mounted to a ceiling

    18. A bathtub tray to immediately upgrade your bathroom and make you feel like you're about to take a bubble bath in a five star spa.

    Reviewer photo of the bamboo bathtub tray over a white bathtub with a book and wine on top

    19. A lovely welcome mat so the second you step in front of your door, you already feel like you've upgraded your home.

    The welcome mat that says "The Miller Family"

    20. A hall tree to replace the dinky coat rack that's been overflowing with jackets all winter.

    Reviewer photo of the black hall tree with dark wood accents

    21. Or wall hooks if you lack the space or just prefer a more minimal look.

    Reviewer photo of the three wooden hooks and three plants hanging off them

    22. A shower curtain because that ducky curtain is not doing your bathroom any favors (but I definitely do appreciate it 🦆 ).

    Reviewer photo of their bathroom with a white and grey striped shower curtain

    23. A dining room table set so you can finally stop eating on the couch and have the perfect place to enjoy your take out. Okay, let's be real...we'll still eat on the couch.

    A white and brown dining room table set with four chairs

    24. A shaggy bath mat that's so soft, you'll be rushing through your shower just to sink your toes in this bad boy. Ahh.

    Reviewer photo of the charcoal grey bathmat in their bathroom

    25. A flip-up coffee table because, let's be real, eating (and working) on the couch is just so much more cozy and fun. Plus, you can store blankets inside it! Or snacks. Or both. Definitely both.

    26. A nap-approved sectional sofa that'll easily become the statement piece in your entire home, as it should.

    Model is napping on a cream sectional couch

    27. A rainfall showerhead for when your old head just doesn't cut it anymore. You deserve a luxurious shower. I mean, we all do, but especially you.

    Reviewer photo of the square shower head installed in their bathroom

    28. A rustic-style handmade basket to store all of your little knickknacks and tools, keeping your space looking clean *and* adorable.

    Three rustic baskets in grey, cream, and forest green colors

    29. Motion-activated LED light strips sure to add a bit of ambience to the space when you're winding down for the day. Bonus: it provides ample lighting for those (very dark) late-night bathroom breaks.

    Reviewer photo of someone's bathroom with lights installed under the counter top of their bathroom vanity

    30. A fake plant for when the idea of having real plants around that you need to take care of gives you heart palpitations (me), but you still want to have some greenery around to liven up the space.

    Reviewer photo of a fake Monstera plant with a white planter

    31. An industrial-style bookshelf to store all of your fanciest knickknacks, books, and quirkiest decor for all to see.

    Reviewer photo of two black and brown bookshelves next to each other

    32. An oh-so-sleek TV stand for storing your board games, candles, and movies (do people still own DVDs?) — all while keeping your living room looking oh-so-clean.

    33. And finally, a Samsung Frame TV so you can make your space look like your guests just walked into a fancy museum, but with a click of a button you're ready to continue watching your binge-marathon of New Girl.

    The television with a white frame and a classic painting displayed in the center

    Your house, after its glow-up:

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