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    39 Stylish Things That Are Serving Up Some Serious Fall Vibes

    Whip out your pumpkin spice candles because it's *sweatah-weatha*, friends.

    1. A mock-neck pullover that will pair beautifully with the PSL you've been buying every day for the past two weeks.

    Reviewer photo of a person wearing an orange mock neck sweater with black leggings

    2. A chambray shirt because it is basically *the* fall uniform and we must all oblige. Bonus points if you pair it with leggings.

    A model in the blue button down

    3. An overall dress to wear to every pumpkin patch you see, even if it means yelling at your partner to pull over for a quick photo op. #priorities

    A yellow plaid overall dress with a white undershirt

    4. Or if you're not into dresses, plaid leggings with a cute turtleneck sweater for *the* perfect fall look.

    Model is wearing mustard yellow plaid pants with white shoes

    5. A graphic T-shirt to pair with all of your favorite oversized cardigans while you listen to "Cardigan" by Taylor Swift.

    The white T-shirt with 12 different styles of pumpkins printed on it in a grid format

    6. A tiered shift dress that could bring any autumn queen to tiers (get it? get it?). Pair it with your favorite booties and get ready to step on some crunchy leaves.

    Reviewer photo of a person wearing an orange tiered shift dress and light brown ankle boots

    7. Round eyeglasses because you don't need a prescription to wear them despite what people say. As someone who *does* need glasses, I hereby grant you permission to wear them! If anyone says otherwise, send them this list. Plus, they'll look SO cute with your fall outfit!

    Reviewer photo of a person wearing round glasses

    8. An oversized button-down top that basically *exudes* fall energy without even trying. Is it a jacket? Is it a flannel? Let's call it a Flacket. Jannel? You pick.

    Reviewer photo of a person wearing a white top, denim shorts, and a plaid oversized button-down jacket

    9. A polka-dot pleated skirt because you don't have to give up maxi skirts just yet — they work so well in the cooler weather!

    Reviewer photo of a person standing under an arch of pumpkins wearing a yellow pleated polka dot maxi skirt and a blue tank top

    10. A pair of Levi's overalls because you can never go wrong with a classic pair of overalls like these. They're timeless and would look so dang cute with a striped shirt, a hat, and, you guessed it, a pair of booties.

    Reviewer photo of a person wearing light denim overalls and a pink top

    11. Or maternity denim overalls so you can wear all of your adorable autumn looks while your lil' baby bump continues to grow.

    Reviewer photo of a person wearing the maternity overalls with black sandals and a white and black striped top

    12. A varsity-style cardigan that'll give you so many cozy Gilmore Girl vibes, you may just want to enroll into Yale.

    Model is wearing a white varsity-style cardigan with green lines around the hems and denim jeans

    13. A Panama hat to go with all of these adorable pieces you're buying from this list, duh. Are you even a fall queen if you don't own one of these?

    Reviewer photo of a person with their back to the camera holding a leaf in the air and wearing a beige Panama hat

    14. A turtleneck sweater so chic, you'll basically wear it through fall *and* winter.

    Reviewer photo of a person wearing a light brown sweater, dark jeans, and brown over the knee boots

    15. A floral sleeveless top for when you're not ~completely~ ready to give up flowers and summer, but you want to start incorporating some fall looks. Pair with high-waisted dress pants in an earthy color for all the autumnal feels.

    A model in the floral tank

    16. A bodycon dress you'll want to wear literally to any event you can think of. Dress it up with some boots, a leather jacket, and accessories for a night out or sneakers and a denim jacket for a casual day date. The possibilities are ~endless~.

    Reviewer photo of a person wearing a black dress

    17. A pleated skater skirt so flowy, you'll spend all day in a apple orchard just twirling around in it. "Hi, can we extend the deadline? I'm busy twirlin' and pickin' apples." —You, in your new skirt.

    Reviewer photo of a person wearing an orange skirt and white top

    18. High-rise skinny jeans because even though Gen Z has canceled these, they're still amazing and I refuse to get rid of them. Plus, they're the best for wearing under boots, and no one can change my mind.

    Reviewer photo of a person wearing a green top and light blue denim jeans

    19. A cardigan sweater dress to give you all the cozy (and warm!) vibes while you force your friend to take photos of you by that one tree whose leaves are sort of changing.

    Model is wearing a burnt orange cardigan dress and tan boots

    20. A pair of Levi's straight-leg ankle-length jeans so you can keep your legs warm during the crispier mornings but your outfit stylish all day long.

    Model is wearing grey washing straight ankle denim jeans, a white top, and black combat boots

    21. A long-sleeve sleepwear set to lounge on the couch while watching The Nightmare Before Christmas but also look totally adorable. Is that a Halloween movie or a Christmas movie? I need answers.

    Reviewer photo of a person wearing a grey pajama set with white stars all over it

    22. An oversized shirt jacket so you never have to complain about being cold on those ~extra~ crispy fall days.

    Model is wearing a beige plaid jacket with a black top and black pants

    23. A lantern-sleeve knit dress that will become your "go-to" dress all season long. At-home date night? Virtual game night with the pals? The possibilities are ~endless~.

    Reviewer photo of a person wearing a wine red knit dress and black boots

    24. A chiffon blouse you'll wear so much this fall, people will start wondering if it's the only top you own. Don't worry, though, because you can buy it in 20 colors! Pair it with a high-waisted button-down skirt and loafers!

    Reviewer photo of a person wearing denim jeans and a burnt orange chiffon blouse

    25. A slit-front denim midi skirt that honestly works for every season perfectly, but it just hits different in the fall, ya know?

    Model wearing a brown top with a denim midi skirt and brown boots

    26. A Twilight-inspired sweatshirt for when you want to rep your favorite saga, but don't want it to be *too* obvious. Only ~true~ fans would get it, duh.

    The staff writer is wearing a cream sweatshirt that says "Forks, Washington Establish 1945" and black leggings

    27. A bell-sleeve blouse to switch it up from your basic autumn blouse. The sleeves add such a level of fun and the layering is just *chef's kiss* perfection.

    Reviewer photo of a person wearing denim jeans and a yellow blouse

    28. A jumpsuit that adds a splash of sass (hello, exposed shoulder!) in a seemingly basic outfit. I'd definitely style this with some wedge booties and even a fun hat. I'll see *you* at the pumpkin patch.

    Reviewer photo of a person wearing a black jumpsuit

    29. A balloon-sleeve sweater for when you want to look super chic for work while still subtly paying homage to the warm and cozy look you serve all season long.

    Model is wearing a tan balloon sleeve sweater and denim jeans

    30. A leather crossbody bag to stuff with your favorite local apple cider donuts while looking oh-so-stylish.

    Model is taking black glasses out of a burnt orange-colored leather crossbody bag

    31. A button-down blouse so you don't have to think too hard about what you're going to wear for the day. These bold stripes basically speak for themselves. "Hello. Look at me. I exude fall energy and you're living for it." —Your shirt.

    Reviewer photo of a person wearing a striped button-down top and denim shorts

    32. A denim jacket guaranteed to be a staple piece to your fall wardrobe. It will immediately make any outfit look so chic and honestly works for any time of the year. Plus, there are 10 colors to choose from!

    Reviewer photo of a person wearing purple leggings, a graphic T-Shirt, and a denim jacket

    33. An Apple Watch band so you can upgrade from that old dinky silicone one you've had since you got your watch. It's called a ~glow-up~. This plaid pattern will go *so* perfectly with your pumpkin spice latte.

    34. A pleated skirt to add to your "this is what I will wear until the end of time" wardrobe section because it's just so darn cute. It goes with basically any top and the pleated style will have you moving gracefully through the fall in ~style~.

    Reviewer photo of a person wearing the black pleated skirt

    35. A removable collar because it'll immediately make any top in your closet just a little bit ~spooky~, and who doesn't want that?

    Model is wearing a white and black striped top with a black removable fang collar

    36. A sleeveless tunic blouse to look put together for your next Zoom meeting, even if you're definitely wearing your ghost and pumpkin pajama pants. "What's that? No, you definitely did not see Halloween candy on my lap." —You (OK, me)

    Reviewer photo of a person wearing a white and black dotted tunic and denim jeans

    37. A long-sleeve shift dress breezy enough to be worn on those annoying warm autumn days. Pair any of the 16 colors with tights, booties, and a cute hat for an adorable quintessential fall look!

    Reviewer photo of a person wearing a red and black checkered dress with brown boots and a black hat

    38. Chelsea boots because these boots are, quite literally, made for walking through pumpkin patches. They've got a thick heel, which provides extra support so you can walk for miles and still be comfortable (and stylish!).

    Reviewer photo of a person wearing a long tan cardigan, cream sweater, denim jeans, and tan Chelsea boots

    39. And finally, a cozy scarf to keep your neck extra warm on those 60-degree fall days (aka the best days). It's time to retire the plaid blanket scarf for a more simple look.

    A burnt orange-colored scarf

    You, when someone tells you it isn't fall, but you definitely stepped on a crunchy leaf last week.