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    42 Products To Help Make A Few Pet Problems *Poof* Disappear

    You got ~99 problems~ but your pet will finally not be one of them.

    1. A cat food puzzle that will help slow down your greedy friend who just can't get enough food, which probably even causes them to throw it all up. Barf no more, Stinky McStinky Butt!

    2. Or a dog version where you can hide food in the sliding cups for that pup who thinks every meal session is a "how fast can I eat" challenge.

    Dog lifting one of 12 small cups to reveal food hidden underneath

    3. A nail grinder kit to trim your pup's nails without the worry of cutting them too short, which could result in bleeding and future anxiety about nail trims. The grinder will safely grind their nails down to the desired length *and* is wireless for easy maneuvering around the puppo.

    A person is holding a nail grinder up to a dogs paw to trim their nails

    4. A de-shedding FURminator (in cat, dog, AND small animal versions) for people who are tired of living in a house overrun by fur balls in every corner.

    5. A cardboard cat scratcher that'll help keep your feline friend's nails clean, healthy, *and* strong. Plus, it'll keep them away from the brand new sofa you just bought.

    Two cats playing on X-shaped cardboard scratcher

    6. Dog goggles (DOGGLES?!) to protect their eyes from the sun, wind, and debris when they're going for a ride in the car and absolutely insist on sticking their heads out the window.

    A Dalmatian wearing black dog goggles in a backyard

    7. Grooming gloves, because aren't we tired of our dogs releasing their pesky little furs all over the place every time they turn their heads? Keep it to yourself, Fido.

    The blue pair of grooming gloves on a person's hands

    8. Greenies Pill Pockets conveniently shaped to hide any pills you have to give your dog. "Oh this? Totally a normal pill in here, bud!" —you being the sneakiest dog parent of the year.

    9. An all-natural itch relief shampoo bar that'll nourish and moisturize your pup's skin while getting their fur clean and looking ~oh-so-luscious~.

    A person holding the shampoo bar in front of a dog in a basin

    10. A soothing behavioral aid toy with a faux heartbeat to help relax even the most anxious of puppies.

    Puppy sleeping beside toy

    11. Or a purring cat toy that'll adorably soothe your nervous angel by giving them the sensation of curling up next to another purring buddy.

    12. A cuddly bed to promote more naps so there's less time for them to be up screaming for treats. Yes, I'm talking about my cat Norman.

    13. A pet urine detector light so you don't have to guess where your pets may have done the deed in your home ever again. We got you now, Fido.

    14. A ball launcher because your dog (and your arm) is really tired of your lame throws. This launcher will add speed and distance to your throw so you can really see Spot run.

    A reviewer using the launcher to throw a ball

    15. A lick pad so you can easily distract them with some tasty peanut butter while you do the most daunting tasks they hate, like grooming or bathing them.

    A yellow lab licking a blue lick pad on a window while someone brushes them

    16. A dog anxiety jacket that applies gentle, constant pressure to help calm your pup's anxiety, fear, and over-excitement they may experience. This works great for vet visits, thunderstorms, fireworks, or any situation where your dog is feeling uneasy.

    Reviewer photo of a yellow lab in an anxiety jacket laying on a couch

    17. A four-step pet stair so your bad-back fur babies will have no trouble getting up on the bed. Ultimate cuddle time: Activated. Best part? It's foldable so you can slide it under the bed when not in use.

    A small Yorkie terrier is standing at the top of the dog steps in front of a bed

    18. A pooper scooper with a bin and rake to save you from having to bend down and pick up poop in your yard. You'll finally be able to clean up after your dog while keeping some dignity. "Yeah, clean my poop." –Your dog, without a doubt.

    A person scooping from the grass into the bin

    19. An airtight pet food storage container that will keep their food fresh and out of sight from any sneaky your dog.

    Reviewer photo of the containers with dog food inside of them

    20. An artificial grass bathroom mat perfect for training puppies, elderly dogs, or for apartments that don't have constant access to a nice yard. Everyone deserves a designated poop area.

    Reviewer photo of a corgi sitting on the grass mat

    21. A portable water bottle because did you actually expect them to drink out of a...*gag* lake? or a ...*barf* river? Please. Only filtered water, thanks.

    A dog drinking out of a portable water bottle

    22. A paw soother stick that will help heal dry, cracked, or irritated dog paw pads so they can continue trotting along with no pain. ♫These paws were made for walkin'..♫

    23. A dog bowl designed to slow your dog's feeding time down, reducing bloating from eating way too quickly. It can work for both dry and wet food to suit your dog's preferences. Do they make these for humans? Asking for a friend. I'm the friend.

    Reviewer photo of the dog bowls, with grooves in them

    24. A chewing deterrent spray to keep Hairy Pawter from nibbling on your favorite pair of shoes or things that could cause him harm.

    The white bottle that says "Stop chewing, sour apple and orange spray"

    25. A portable outdoor shower tool that attaches to any water bottle. This will help clean your dog after rolling around somewhere they shouldn't have and keep them from destroying your car seats. A win-win!

    A dog getting sprayed by the shower tool

    26. A dog-feeding reminder, because sometimes it's hard to remember if we really ~did~ feed the pup. Especially when they always act like they haven't eaten in 64 days. Nice try, Frito Paws.

    Reviewer photo of the reminder with daily slots to answer yes or no to "did you feed the dog"

    27. A car seat cover that'll extend the life of your car seats with all the adventures you two will go on. This cover is slip-resistant and waterproof for the ultimate comfort you'll both enjoy.

    A Golden Retriever laying down in the backseat of a car with a car seat cover over the seats

    28. A portable paw cleaner with bristles to help scrub your dog's paws with ease. No more tracking in questionable germs into your home! Additionally, it works great in the winter to wash the harmful salt off their paws.

    29. Rachael Ray Smoochies dental chews that will keep your doggo's chompers pearly white while they enjoy a lovely chew session. Best part? It even helps freshen their stinky breath.

    30. A dental spray to help eliminate bad breath and fight against plaque, tartar, and gum disease. And if you send in a photo of your pet with the bottle, they will donate a portion of the profits to a pet with cancer. No stinky breath in your face and you get to help another fur baby! Could it get any better?

    31. A macrame cat hammock that will match your impeccable bohemian vibes while also giving your kitty a place to ~chill~, reducing the piles of fur they create on your bedsheets from all their naps.

    Two cats lounging on separate macrame hammock beds

    32. A seatbelt tether, because dogs tend to get overexcited in the backseat and this will bring you peace of mind knowing they're secure and safe.

    Reviewer photo of a dog looking out the window of a car while being tethered to a seat belt

    33. A cord protector that'll keep your sneaky fur baby from nibbling on all of your cables around the house. If they even dare ruin my New Girl time...

    Reviewer photo of a cord protector over cables

    34. A Chom-Chom roller to gather up pet hair from basically anywhere in your home. No really. Couches, clothes, bedding, cat towers, rugs — you name it. The best part? It has a little compartment that stores the fur for easy cleaning!

    35. A hidden litter box because if you own a cat, you know how unsightly litter boxes are.'s a sandbox with poop in it. At least with this one, you can pretend your cat isn't pooping in front of you.

    Reviewer photo of a white hidden litter box planter with a white arrow pointing to it and the words "spray paint" above it

    36. A litter genie to save your nostrils from the wrath of cat pee. We know it. We hate it. Heck, even your cat hates it.

    Reviewer photo of the litter genie next to a litter box

    37. A litter attractant because sometimes it's not easy getting your kitten to figure out that's their new DPS (designated poop spot). *flashback to Norman as a kitten pooping on our white comforters*

    Reviewer photo of the litter attractant

    38. Matatabi cat chew sticks that are a perfect alternative for those kitties who don't really like catnip, no matter how hard you try. Just rub some of the bark off the sticks to release the natural oils and watch your cat play away! Bonus: it also helps maintain healthy teeth!

    A cat chewing on a Matatabi stick

    39. A pet hair removal broom to make your jaw drop when you see just how much hair your little rascal has been shedding into the grasps of your rug's fibers. There is a rake side and a squeegee side which both effectively do the deed.

    Reviewer photo of a pile of fur from a carpet next to a pet hair removal broom

    40. Silicone pet food can covers that will keep their food fresh while your fur baby waits (impatiently) for their next meal. "I know you just fed me, but I'm actually starving again soo..." —your pet (and my cat, Norman).

    Reviewer photo of two cat food cans with silicone lids on top

    41. A litter box odor destroyer, because let's face it — sometimes these litter boxes are just dank.

    A reviewer photo of a cat looking up next to a litter box with a bottle of odor destroyer in it

    42. And finally, a monthly subscription to DogTV that'll have you feeling less guilty when you have to leave the house for anything without them. They offer stimulation, relaxation, and exposure programs all designed to make being alone a little less, well, alone.

    A dog sitting on a stone ledge with blue butterflies flying around them

    Your pet, seeing what a problem-solver you are: