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    27 Products That’ll Make You The Best Dog Parent According To Your Pup

    They're going to *love* the snuffle mat. 👀

    1. A dog car seat so your pup can have their own designated spot in the car to sit without you having to worry about them rolling around the backseat at every turn.

    BTW, the booster can support up to 30 pounds of weight, but the recommend no more than 20 pounds because your pup may be too big to sit comfortably inside! For reference, the dimensions of the booster are 12D x 16W x 8H inches. 

    Promising review: "Years ago, I saw an Instagram dog who had this bed and rode along when his owner took him on car rides and road trips. I used to use a regular dog bed in the passenger seat, but one day, out of nowhere, my dog developed car anxiety. She went from being my errand buddy and riding along with me with no issues to panting, climbing up the passenger door to look out the window, and a couple of times even jumped into my lap! This is one of the best purchases I have ever made. The hook attaches to the dog's harness so she isn't able to jump up or jump out of the bed. It's also lifted so she's able to look out the window. Keeping her in place and able to look out has helped tremendously with her car anxiety, and I honestly don't know how I lived without this product. I highly recommend it, especially at this price point. Love it!" —Joseph Smorol

    Get it from Amazon for $59.95 (available in five colors).

    2. Or a backseat car extender for bigger pups who need way more more leg room to spread out. The best part is that it ensures your pup won't go flying off the seat if you have to slam the brakes.

    A dog laying out in the backseat with the extender attached, allowing it to sit comfortably in a natural position

    This pad can hold up to 100 pounds! Now that's a big pup!

    Promising reviews: "Can't live without! I wish we would’ve found this amazing product years ago! It gives us peace of mind that our dog won’t lose his footing and fall between the front console and the back seat. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!" —Brian R. 

    "It is a good product, and I wish I had it years ago. The ride is easier on the dog as well as myself. She can sit comfortably, and since she is not standing on the center console, I don't have to worry about her ending up in the front seat if I have to stop short. As a side benefit, it makes it much easier to put things in the back seat of the truck (golf clubs, overnight bags, etc.) because of the flat surface, and I still have the room to put my backpack of tools and things underneath." —Dan A. Lichtner

    Get it from Amazon for $84.95+ (available in two colors).

    3. A dog paw cleaning device so you can keep those paws squeaky clean after a long day of rolling around in dirt and mud in the yard and not have to worry about them getting your new shag rug dirty. Plus, they'll probably appreciate not feeling gunk between their paw pads. 

    reviewer pouring out the dirty, muddy water from the paw cleaner
    same reviewer showing their dog's paws completely cleaned and shiny

    Promising review: "I can’t believe I’ve had a dog for six years without having this paw cleaner. It’s not only easy to use and clean, but it cleans paws thoroughly and fast. Huge fan. Definitely recommend." —Zach S.

    Get it from Amazon for $12.98+ (available in three sizes, six colors, and two sizes with or without a lid).

    4. A soothing anxiety jacket that will add moderate compression on your doggo's body, providing them a sense of safety and comfort, reducing their anxiety during scary times — like thunderstorms, fireworks, another Elon Musk tweet. Just scary things, okay?

    A reviewer's senior dog wearing the anxiety jacket
    reviewer pic of a little dog wearing the pink vest while on a walk

    Promising reviews: "I honestly should have bought this YEARS ago, but I was skeptical that it would somehow magically help my 105-pound German Shepherd who is TERRIFIED of thunder and fireworks... WOW, just WOW! She was a completely DIFFERENT DOG this New Year's celebration, and if I could hear the fireworks, I know she could too! She did get a little nervous on some of the HUGE bangs but again, night and day difference for her!" —BS

    "I HIGHLY recommend this for any dogs who have that nervous energy or get overstimulated; that is where it has been most effective for us. I do suggest it for more 'typical' anxieties as well; it has helped cut out the anxious pacing and shaking, but it's not a miracle cure (at least for us) that makes them immune to those triggers. Definitely worth trying, we are kicking ourselves for not getting one years ago!" —Christine K. (Psst — read this full review for more deets; it's long but helpful!)

    Get it from Amazon for $39.95+ (available in seven sizes and two colors).

    5. A pair of food storage containers that they'll endlessly thank you for because it means their kibble will no longer get stale and tasteless. Our cats will literally refuse to eat their dry food if it gets even a smidge stale. 

    You get a large 33-quart bin and a smaller, stackable 12-quart bin, so you could store dog and cat food separately, or just use the top bin to store other pet supplies. You could also use the bottom bin for storing a cat's litter bag and the top bin for food — the options here are endless! The wheels on the bottom bin make it easy to roll around, a helpful feature for those with limited mobility or less arm strength. A scoop is included!

    Promising review: "This is AWESOME. I wish I found this years ago. The castors roll well, even on carpet. The smaller bin is a great addition. We keep it on top of the big bin and fill it up as needed. Less bending over to feed the herd of puppies. The scoop is sturdy and easy to handle without being flimsy or too heavy. It's been dropped by little hands repeatedly and no cracks or breaks. Honestly, I cannot find a negative on it. I really like it." —Amy T

    Get it from Amazon for $34.99+ (available in nine colors and with or without a scoop).

    6. An all-natural itch relief shampoo bar to nourish and moisturize your pup's skin while getting their fur clean and looking ~oh so luscious~. Do we expect anything less from Katy Pawry?

    A person holding the shampoo bar in front of a dog in a basin
    Simple Sage Dog Treats / Etsy

    Simple Sage Dog Treats is a small business based in Norcross, Georgia, that specializes in all-natural paw balms and soaps for dogs with allergies or skin conditions.

    Promising review: "Great product! Very helpful! AMAZING! My dog doesn’t itch anymore, and surprisingly, it’s soothing for her. Usually after the bath she sleeps or lays down for hours. Just great." —T. French

    Get it from Simply Sage Dog Treats on Etsy for $9.49.

    7. clear toy blocker so you can ~finally~ stop all of their toys from "accidentally" rolling under the couch, oven, and even the fridge, which means they'll stop whining for it!

    It can also help discourage them from hiding under furniture!

    Promising reviews: "WISH I WOULD HAVE FOUND THIS YEARS AGO FOR MY DOGS! I recently bought it because my 11-month-old is constantly throwing stuff and pushing things under couch. I was able to install this while the baby was climbing all over me and haven't had any problems with adhesive. Also keeps my two small dogs from hiding their bones and toys under the couch! Perfectly invisible. Literally life changing! I can finally throw away self-made blockers, which were pool noodles that always moved." —Crystal K

    "A must-have for ALL pet owners. This contraption is genius and will save cat (and dog) owners insane amounts of time and frustration retrieving toys. We used this beneath our oven and it works PERFECTLY. Cat can't destroy it (the way she shredded the foam insulation we had stuffed under there before), and we no longer have to get the yardstick out when literally all of her toys are 'gone.' Yes, this is a challenge to install, but 100% worth it. I'd buy it again in a heartbeat." —Allison Goldstein

    Get it from Amazon for $13.98+ (available in three sizes).

    8. A snout soother, because, like their paws, their snout tends to become dry and (painfully) cracked, so it's important to keep this area healthy. It can even help protect and heal broken skin!

    reviewer showing their dog with a crusty nose
    same reviewer showing their dog's nose completely smooth and healed after using the snout soother

    Promising reviews: "First of all, I don’t know how to write this without sounding like I’m on their payroll. Second, I wish I bought this light years ago!! The difference in my dog’s nose is indescribable, and I forgot to take a before picture so now no one will believe me! It was like watching a chrysalis turn into the smoothest most beautiful butterfly of a nose you could ever imagine! Just. Buy. It." —Amazon Customer

    "Well, I have never before been so shocked at the effectiveness of a product. Our 5-year-old Frenchie, Carol, had a nose that was so crusty, it was sprouting these long strands of more crust. There was literally crust on crust on crust. The nose had strings of crust. This nose was so crusty and repulsive it was almost beautiful. Her nose might have resembled the rarest, most exotic geode to be mined from the rarest mine in Guatemala. A friend recommended Snout Soother for Carol's repulsive nose. I was worried she would just lick it all off, and it wouldn't work. We never imagined she could have a regular, soft, moist nose again. Honestly, this product is some black magic stuff! Unbelievable results in three to five days. No one paid me to write this." —Brittany

    Get it from Amazon for $5.95.

    9. A battery-powered nail grinder that'll make taking care of your pup's nails *so* much easier than using regular clippers. It'll get the nails perfectly trimmed without running the risk of cutting them too low, causing pain and bleeding.

    Promising review: "I just received this in the mail yesterday. I feel so dumb for not buying this years ago. It is amazing. The Dremel is not going to be immediately loved by all dogs. With love, patience, and training, this Dremel let me cut their nails, and I don’t have to risk their little nails falling off because they are too long. Yes, it could take two people, and I have tiny dogs! If you have a dog who puts up a fight, I do think the Dremel is the way to go, but don’t expect them to automatically not put up a fight. You may need to train them to be comfortable with the Dremel and having their paws 'played with' before you actually cut. If your dog's nails aren’t as long as my dogs were, I say take your time and train them right. You won’t regret it. The Dremel is so fast and safe. Easy to charge and maintain. If you have dogs who are rescues and you have no idea why they hate nail cuts, or you have one who has had their quick cut too often, so you can’t cut their nails at all, try the Dremel, but know it may not be all peaches and cream as you use it. You may need to bribe them like a toddler in a grocery store during the evening rush just before dinner time and you just want to get home. 'Fine have the candy bar!' But I digress." —J4

    Get it from Amazon for $29.98.

    10. Grooming gloves because how annoying is it to be relaxing on the couch and see tufts of fur flying around? These gloves will not only take off loose fur from your pet's coat, but will give them a lovely massage too!

    Promising review: "These gloves work great! I usually only use one at a time cause it makes the process much easier. I have a Siamese cat who sheds like crazy so I groomed him a couple of days in a row and it made a huge difference. I groom him a couple of times a week now and that's about all I need to do. It's nice to be able to pick up my cat without being covered in hair. Wish I would have bought these years ago." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $10.99+ (available in five colors).

    11. Allergy supplements because there's nothing quite as uncomfortable for your pup than getting a hot spot or seasonal allergies. These are packed with Omega 3, Prebiotics, *and* Probiotics to support their immune system, histamine, and digestive health. We love a healthy queen. 

    A reviewer before and after pic of their dog's stomach after taking the allergy supplement
    Reviewer pic of the allergy treats next to a nickel for size comparison

    Promising review: "I do not know how my dog survived this long being allergic to everything: wheat, corn, pollen, grass, sunshine, fresh air, etc., but we have tried so many different things trying to help him be comfortable and social and fed. My vet prescribed Apoquel to help alleviate itching, but after reading online how bad it can be for dogs in the long run I decided to search for a healthy alternative. So after lots of research I found these, and BOY they are life changing!!!! He’s like a brand-new healthy boy! Every morning he takes his 'multivitamins' and they’re yummy, so it’s like a treat for him. His coat is softer and growing in thicker due to less itching. His inner thighs are completely hairless, and before the multivitamins he had a constant rash that would hinder him from a lot of playing outside, and now it’s completely clear of any bumps and redness, and he’s the happiest, healthiest boy!! I cannot stress how much these allergy immune bites have helped, and no, this is not a sponsored review (but email me if you want a dog model). Truthfully, these are a healthy alternative to Apoquel, and we have had 100% success with it and will be lifelong customers (or spokespeople — again, email me)." —Megan

    Get 90-count container from Amazon for $26.07+ (available in five styles and a larger size). 

    12. Natural paw butter made with oatmeal to keep your pup's paws smooth and fresh, in basically every single season.

    This eco-friendly product is pH balanced for cats and safe if licked or swallowed! It's got shea butter, oatmeal, mango, vitamins E and F, coconut oil, olive oil, and aloe vera to soothe ~all~ the cracked paws.

    Promising review: "One of my puppers is a super-athlete who lives to go for walks and on runs. She is about 9 now and the vet gave her a stellar bill of health save one thing: her pads were getting really rough and worn from paved trails and city walks and this may be uncomfortable, especially as summer comes and pavement heats up. I was skeptical about any kind of balm as I figured that it would leave a mess on my floors or one/both dogs would just lick it off their feet. No problems whatsoever, and after a single application, both dogs' pads are really soft and supple. Hopefully the dogs can feel the difference. I can surely see it and feel it. Also, the balm smells like oatmeal cookies, so bonus for that." —LRL

    Get it from Amazon for $7.15.

    13. handy device because sometimes it's hard to remember if we really ~did~ feed the pup. Especially when they always act like they haven't eaten in 64 days. Nice try, Harry Pawter.

    It has magnets, so just stick it on your fridge for some easy, nonverbal communication with the members of your household.

    Promising review: "I wish I would’ve gotten this years ago. Takes all the guesswork out of 'was the dog fed?' Our poor dog either got multiple meals or nothing at all. It was so infuriating. I put this on the lid of the dog food container so you can’t get to the dog food without noticing if the tab was switched or not. Our dog gets fed more consistently now. I recommend this to anyone with a busy life who can’t remember anything or a family with many members who may or may not feed the pets!" —Kelly Oyster

    Get it from Amazon for $9.95 (also available in versions for cats, fish, and more).

    14. A reviewer and dog-loved classic duck plush you probably see *every* dog own, and you don't want your dog to get FOMO, right? Right! Plus, it's absolutely adorable when the duck becomes their new favorite toy and they bring it around everywhere. Reviewers are raving about how their dogs treat it like a teddy bear!

    Reviewer pic of their dog cuddling with the yellow duck plush
    Reviewer pic of their dog laying with a green duck plush

    Promising review: "We rescued a sweet boy from a shelter this week; he doesn't seem to have ever been in a home or had any toy ever. As he's been acclimating to his new home, I wanted to give him something that was special and in reading all the reviews on this little duck and seeing so many adorable dogs cuddling with theirs, I knew this was going to be the first toy we gave him. He's all cuddly and still puppyish, so it's understandable that he is curious and likes to nab our kid's toys and sneak them away. When we gave this to him today and reinforced that this was his a few times, he quickly started carrying it with him everywhere he went in the house. Cutest was when he carried it upstairs (which also are a new thing that scare him) to go to bed tonight, then found him cuddling with it sleeping. Highly recommended this little duck as a sweet surprise for probably any dog. Ours doesn't seem to care about the squeaky at all, and his hasn't wanted to chew it up yet, but as he opens up and gets more playful, I think he'll catch on to the idea of playing. For now though it is a great comfort for him." —runsonblackcoffee

    Get it from Amazon for $6.72.

    15. Or an ever-famous hedgehog toy that every dog seems to be obsessed with. It has a lil' squeaker *and* a grunting noise maker for extra fun!

    Promising review: "This is, by far, my dog’s most treasured toy in the entire house. The medium-sized hedgehog is perfect for my corgi/lab mix. She’s incredibly gentle with her toys, so it has survived three years (and counting). Is it durable and sturdy? Absolutely not. Should you expect a $6 fluffy toy to last any amount of time? Hmm, no. Does the delightful 'grunter' bring unmeasurable joy to my pup? Yes, it does! It’s perfect for pup snuggles and gets lots of love and attention in my house. This toy goes through the washer and dryer every month or so, and the squeaker and grunter have held up just fine (some other toys stop working after being washed). Most of the seam-unraveling is from being washed, and it’s very quick and easy to patch up. These hedgehogs will be a staple in my house for many years to come!" —KatS

    Get it from Amazon for $4.99+ (available in sizes S–XL and two styles).

    16. A ball launcher because let's face it, you probably can't throw their ball far enough for your speedy baby and your arms are getting tired. Play time just got so much more fun for them.

    Promising review: "This is such a genius invention. I'm so happy I don't have to touch my dog's slimy tennis balls anymore, it's so gross. My arm was getting so worn out from trying to throw my dog's ball as far as I could but this thing allows me to chuck the ball all the way to the other side of the park, it's fantastic! My dog has never been more worn out in such a short amount of time, it's so helpful when I don't have time to take her for a long walk to get out her energy. Super happy with this product." —Kristi Merrel

    Get it from Amazon for $7.95+ (available in three sizes, six lengths, and with extra balls).

    17. A classic Kong toy, which is basically a right of passage for every dog owner to buy one of these. Smear some peanut butter inside it or their favorite treats and they'll be busy for hours.

    Promising review: "I love these things. Whoever designed them is a genius. Not only is the rubber fabulous to chew, but the eccentric shape also produces totally unpredictable bounces, including outright reversals of direction. My dog and I could not be happier, though we occasionally fight about whose turn it is. We both adore the flavor, too." —Amazon customer

    Get it from Amazon for $7.99+ (available in sizes XS–2XL).