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    26 Products That Will Basically Inspire Your New Favorite Weekend Hobby

    A needle-felting kit, Nintendo Switch, makeup eraser, and so many more things to spark joy on the weekend.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A cross-stitch kit that will not only keep you entertained all weekend, but also makes for a cute little decor piece for your home.

    Person is holding a cross stitch of a bunch of cacti
    Lemonade Pursuits

    This kit is perfect for beginners and includes counted cross stitch pattern, embroidery needle, embroidery hoop, DMC embroidery thread, 14-count aida cloth, *and* step-by-step instructions.

    Lemonade Pursuits is a small business that focuses on showcasing the work of real artists to create beautiful puzzles. Their mission is to sell products that can help ease your anxiety while boosting your imagination.

    Promising review: "My sunroom is full of cacti and succulents, got this to do and hang up in the space. Was a lot of fun to do and looks great next to all of my plants!" —Stephanie Liu

    Get it from Lemonade Pursuits for $20.

    2. A paint-by-number kit perfect for beginners and that looks *so* beautiful, you'll actually want to hang it in your home.

    a painting of a single pink flower in a clear jar propped on a rustic table in a kitchen

    Each set comes with a detailed numbered outline, three brushes, and a set of numbered acrylic paints with extra to spare.

    Promising review: "I loved this painting! I was worried that it wouldn’t look right but it turned out perfect! Way more than enough paint! Some lighter colors you had to go over twice." —Anonymous

    Get it from Amazon for $11.79.

    3. Or a paint-by-sticker set if you're not really into painting but want something fun and unique on your walls. It's made up of vintage travel posters you can hang up when you're finished so it's like traveling around the world right from your apartment.

    Workman Publishing

    Each comes with 12 posters and the stickers to complete them, including iconic travel posters from gondolas in Venice to the pyramids in Cairo.

    Get it from Amazon for $11.96 or Bookshop (to support local bookstores) for $13.75.

    4. A beginner's guide to calligraphy that'll have you writing fancy letters to all of your friends. Warning: Your friends may commission you to write their letters too.

    the book open to a page where you can learn different styles to write the same word

    Promising review: "I’ve tried several instructional books on hand-lettering. This book is the best by far. I won’t say the names of the other books but suffice it to say they are all at the top of the list when you search for hand lettering. It is the only book that gives practice for the base strokes and also discusses posture and how to hold the pen and at what angle to the paper. It is also a lovely book to work with; nice artwork/illustrations. I recommend this book to other beginners out there!" —Karen Rorick

    Get it from Amazon for $22.23.

    5. A beginner-friendly fermenting kit complete with everything you need so it'll basically make itself. You'll basically try to pickle anything. *cue Portlandia skit*

    Three jars of fermenting beets, carrots, and cucumbers

    Each kit comes with three fermenting lids with airlock valves, date setters, and an easy-release tab, as well as an oxygen extractor. The lids are compatible with most wide mouth mason jars (you can snag four Ball mason jars on Amazon for $12.79).

    Promising review: "I have now been using my Easy Fermenter for several months. I continue to be delighted with the results. My favorite recipes are a cabbage/carrot sauerkraut, and a blend of fermented peppers (some sweet, some hot). I have recommended these fermenting lids to many of my friends because they make fermenting foods so incredibly easy! You will NOT be disappointed." —K. Dixon

    Get it from Amazon for $25.99.

    6. A handheld milk frother that'll help you make the most perfect cold-foam drinks, comparable to your favorite coffee shop, IMO. Basically, your childhood dreams of becoming a barista will come true every single weekend.,

    Yes, I'll take a large vanilla cold-foam shaken espresso, thanks.

    Promising review: "Ok. Where do I begin? This frother is a MUST if you are a coffee, iced coffee, or tea lover. I am all of the above, so I needed a frother in my life. I searched high & low on Amazon for a while and decided on this one. I am so glad I did! It makes all the difference in my coffee. Let me give you a little background. I only have one cup of coffee a day (12 oz), so I expect my coffee to be an experience more than just something I drink out of necessity. I also have Bell's palsy on the right side of my face, so I have to drink with a straw to strengthen those muscles again. Because of that, I don't want my coffee to be super liquidy, I prefer it has some thickness and airy-ness (is that a word?) to it. This frother takes care of that. It is super lightweight, has a great amount of speed, it's so easy to clean, makes the milk or cream froth up beautifully, mixes my coffee seamlessly. I love this thing!!! If you are unsure whether you want to buy it and are still pondering, ponder no more! BUY IT! I 100% recommend!" —Elizabeth De Melero

    Get it from Amazon for $12.99+ (available in seven colors).

    7. A string art kit so you can create art that has a bit more dimension. It's so unique, you'll have people constantly wondering where you got it.

    A model working on pineapple string art

    The kit comes with a crafting board, small hammer, a holder, nails, glue, screws, cotton string, a frame, a pattern, and a detailed instruction manual, so there's no need to buy other supplies.

    Promising review: "These instructions are easy to follow — I finished it in two hours. This was so much fun and I love my finished results! It looks so beautiful. It was a gift for my friend. I would buy it again and recommend it to others." —yuyantan

    Get it from Amazon for $29.88 (available in 10 styles).

    8. A needle felting kit so cute, you'll wonder why you haven't picked up this hobby already.

    A needle felt gnome
    Going Gnome

    I bought one of these kits from a local craft fair and it was, by far, the only craft that I have been able to do and not mess up. It comes out SO cute and makes a really special gift. Plus, if you're angry it's a great way to get that pent up emotion out. *stabby stabby poke poke*

    This kit comes with all of the materials to make the gnome, two 38-gauge felting needles, and instructions! Don't forget to buy a foam pad so it's easier to make!

    Going Gnome is a woman-owned small business based in the Berkshires, Massachusetts, that sells adorable needle felting kits. 

    Get it from Going Gnome for $22

    9. A Scary Stories To Tell in the Dark series to start a new spooky book club with your kiddo Saturday nights.

    Promising review: "LOVE LOVE LOVE this series growing up. I lost track on how many times I read them. I wanted to be able to share this with my kids. My sister took our copies years ago when she moved. So I bought this set. It was very important that it had the original illustrations. The pictures are the best part of the books!! I'm glad to be able to share this with my kids and they are loving them just as much as I do!!!" —Amanda

    Get the three classic books from Amazon for $19.80

    10. Wireless Bluetooth earbuds so you can blast Taylor Swift during your runs. You just started the hobby, so you're going to need all the bass *and* motivation you can get.

    Reviewer photo of them holding the earbuds in its charging case in front of a pool

    These bad boys come with 8-mm speakers that deliver some ridiculously awesome bass (lowest is 16 Hz!) mellow midrange, and clear treble of up to 20 kHz. They're waterproof too, so run through the rain, friend. I promise it's so fun. 

    Promising review: "I'm one of the very, very few people who cannot use the Apple AirPods. No matter how hard I try, they fall out of my ear in less than a minute. I thought I would try a different brand, and when I put these in my ear, they fell out within seconds. I was about to give up, pack up the box, and send it back, but I decided to check out the instruction manual in case i was doing something wrong. I’m so happy I did. Turns out there were four sizes of plastic ear caps included with the earbuds. On my third try, the second smallest ones, I felt how I imagine Cinderella felt when she tried on the glass slipper. They were perfect and no matter how much I jumped up and down or shook my head, they stayed in place! The quality of sound is impeccable, nice highs and lows, with a decent amount of bass. Once I found the right match, the fit was extremely comfortable. I love these headphones, they have already changed my life for the better!" —Vivek D.

    Get it from Amazon for $29.99+ (available in five colors). 

    11. A bullet journal with over 6,000 five-star Amazon reviews —people boast about how these pages are super high quality and you don't have to worry about the ink bleeding through!

    Reviewer photo of one of the bullet journal pages with a drawing on it

    Don't forget to buy some colorful fine point markers to get you started!

    Promising review: "I love love love this bullet journal. The paper is nice and sturdy and thick (but not too thick). It can hold up to multiple washes of watercolor. It barely ghosts. I was able to use my brush pens, Uniball Signo gel pen, Zebra mildliners, and watercolors with little to no ghosting. This is so much better than the Leuchtturm1917 because it’s so much cheaper and doesn’t ghost as much. I don’t understand the hype with the Leuchtturm1917 because it’s expensive and has crappy paper. The only flaws I have with this journal is that the dots are a bit darker than other journals and that the paper is very thick (feels like the Moleskine sketchbook paper) but the paper thickness is what gives it the sturdiness and ability to hold up to watercolor and markers :)" —Sih Lee

    Get it from Amazon for $3.99+ (available in six colors). 

    12. A beginner's sushi-making kit because your love for takeout sushi has been hurting your wallet, but now you can make your own rolls using whatever ingredients you have on hand. Bonus points if you give them fun names!,

    Each kit comes with two sushi-rolling mats, five pairs of chopsticks, a paddle, a spreader, and a PDF of instructions, including recipes for six popular rolls.

    Promising review: "The entire Bamboo Sushi Kit is absolutely well made, easy to use, easy to clean, high-end restaurant quality, and durable. it was very nicely packaged, and instructions clear, in-depth and very easy to follow. No one (myself included) in my household has ever made sushi before but (thanks to the enclosed instructions), there were no issues making it. My daughter did an awesome job utilizing these products to make 'FISH-FREE SUSHI' with pickled ginger on top, was delectable! Finally, I highly recommend this set. It comes at a small cost but don't let that deter you — the quality and overall aforementioned features is undoubtedly above and beyond excellent, thus (IMO), it is the perfect product! Loooooove it!" —Liza

    Get it from Amazon for $11.98.

    13. A chunky-knit blanket because who said your new hobby had to be anything more than just laying on the couch and watching TV? Not me. I would never.

    The chunky knit blanket in a cream color
    Shop Morgan Made / Etsy

    You won't want to leave your new cozy blanket from this small California-based shop, trust me. Also, the shop owner is using the proceeds of this blanket to help fund her family's fertility journey.

     Promising review: "LOVE it! It’s exactly like the picture and it’s SO warm!!! It’s the perfect throw for my living room! Thank you!" —Hali Meador

    Get it from Shop Morgan Made on Etsy for $125+ (available in three sizes and seven colors; free shipping).

    14. A crochet kit that comes with a book to teach you how to make ten cute animals *and* also comes with all the materials you need to make a little koala or teeny penguin.

    Included in the kit is the yarn, a crochet hook, a metal tapestry needle, fiberfill stuffing, and two pairs of safety eyes.

    Promising review: "I am very happy with this kit. The instructions were easy to follow and I had no trouble making these projects (I did watch a YouTube video on the adjustable ring). I was short on yarn for my second project, and had to get more yarn to finish. Overall, I would highly recommend this kit. One year later and I still use this book for its patterns. I made about 15 penguins at Christmas and some other animals for different people. I updated my review to 5 stars because of all the use I have got from this book!" —Dawn E. Nutter

    Get it from Amazon for $15.29.

    15. A splurge-worthy Always Pan to inspire delicious recipes for your new food blog you're starting. This beauty replaces eight (!!!) kitchen gadgets, weighs only three pounds, comes with a steamer basket and spatula nester, and is nonstick. No, really. It's actually nonstick!

    Maitland Quitmeyer / BuzzFeed, Our Place

    Promising review: "This is the best pan I have ever cooked with. The surface allows me to control the amount of olive oil used, the dome lid design is great for faster cooking without turning up the heat, and the pan itself is so beautiful I leave it out on my stovetop as decoration. I am hoping they make a small sauté pan and a 3-qt saucepan someday." —Cheryl M.

    You can also check out our full review of the Instagram-famous Always pan.

    Get it from Our Place for $145 (available in eight colors).

    16. A pressed floral bookmark so you can finally get around to tackling your TBR list while having something oh so cute to look at.

    A person holding multiple flower-pressed bookmarks
    Kaylie Reads / Etsy

    You'll basically become a self-proclaimed bookworm just to admire your new bookmark from this New Hampshire–based shop.

    Promising review: "My bookmark is BEAUTIFUL!!! I was so incredibly pleased with how it turned out, and such great quality. I love how unique and special it is — one-of-a-kind! Perfect for any bookworm." —Shannon Taylor

    Get it from Kaylie Reads on Etsy for $9+ (available in two styles).

    17. Or a quirky magnetic bookmark that truly exemplifies how you feel about your ever-growing collection of rom-coms. Give me all the tropes. All of them.

    A white magnetic bookmark with a pink graphic shaped like a ticket that says "Romance Book Club, All Your Favorite Tropes"
    My Secret Copy

    My Secret Copy is a Latina-owned small business that sells quirky bookmarks, stickers, jewelry, and bags for anyone who just really loves books.

    Get it from My Secret Copy for $3.99.

    18. A container of The Pink Stuff cleaning paste that'll clean practically anything, which is great because you've just discovered the cleaning side of TikTok and are feeling *very* inspired.,

    BTW, it's vegan!

    Promising review: "Since moving into this apartment I have gradually come to hate this tub because of the water stains I have tried every product on the market including crazy things from the internet like Coca-Cola, vinegar, you name it...this stuff with a couple of swipes/scrubs and a toothbrush for the textured areas completely cleaned my tub in a way that I can only tell you excited me to the core of my being. All I can tell you is buy it and I wish you the best!" —Michelle

    Get it from Amazon for $3.87+.

    19. A Nintendo Switch so you, too, can become obsessed with Stardew Valley. I can't be the only one...

    Stephanie Hope / BuzzFeed, Amazon

    This version of the switch allows you to disconnect the controllers from the main console and play with them separately *or* connect them to a controller. This means you can play your Switch using your TV!

    Also, if you hate the red and blue colors (like I do), I bought these amazing skins from Sticky Bunny!

    Promising review: "With the switch being sold out everywhere in my town, I resorted to Amazon and was a little hesitant about buying an expensive electronic from here but it was brand new and in perfect condition. Arrived a day early and all the accessories were exactly as shown and also brand new. Read the listing before you order as it does not come with the Animal Crossing game. I didn't mind since I knew that when I ordered it." —Angela Edinger

    Get it from Amazon for $429+ (available in three colors).

    20. A How to Draw book that is teeechnically for kids, but it will work really well for anyone who has been wanting to get started on practicing their drawing skills, but can't even draw a dog.

    Promising review: "The perfect book for kids to learn on a basic level with lines. Each page has dark lines for the kids to follow along with. Not only on paper I sat on the driveway with my grandkids and we used the book to cover the driveway with amazing drawings. It was so much fun. Back to the book, though, not only does it help to learn to draw it brings great imagination for the kids from princes and princesses in castles to great creatures under the sea. Just amazing. This book should be in all preschool and kinder classes to help kids understand drawing!" —Amazon customer

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99.

    21. A subscription to Home Chef — a meal kit delivery service that sends you weekly recipes so you can pretend you've been possessed by Julia Child's ghost every weekend. Bon Appétit!

    A flatlay photo of enchiladas on a plate and dish
    Home Chef / Via

    Here's how it works: every week you can pick recipes that fit your preferences and dietary restrictions. You can also just let them choose if you're feeling extra adventurous. Next you can use the Customize It feature to upgrade, swap, or double up your favorite protein on select recipes. THEN, the recipes will get delivered with all the ingredients you need, so you can just cook and enjoy!

    You can also manage your deliveries by skipping weeks or pausing your account whenever you want. 

    Promising review: "I have tried every boxed meal kit. Home Chef is by FAR the best quality products. This is the best chicken I have ever tasted." —Jan K.

    Get it from Home Chef for $6.99/serving.

    22. A Fujifilm instant camera to aesthetically fill your walls with all the fun things you do on the weekend with friends.

    A rust colored instant camera
    Urban Outfitters

    Promising review: "This camera is nice if you want something for simple photos and don’t need HD type stuff. They’re good quality and come out very clear and very cute." —Ripmylife

    Get it from Urban Outfitters for $79 (available in three colors).

    23. A unicorn slime–making kit, because face it, we've been dying to make our own slime ever since they started trending again. Young me would be so happy to know they're back.


    Each kit comes with clear written instructions and access to video tutorials to make over 100 different kinds of slime, from unicorn slime to glitter slime to fluffy cloud slime to floam putty. You can personalize the colors, textures, add-ins, *and* the smell — the box comes with beads, scents, glitter, ink, foam balls, the ingredients needed to make the slime, and containers to keep it in.

    Promising review: "Purchased for daughter's birthday. She loves it. I was very apprehensive about letting her use slime but it has everything a parent could dream of to keep it all in one place and organized without the mess!" —Jay

    Get it from Amazon for $21.90.

    24. A candle-making kit so you can make wonderful smelling candles to light up your life *or* you can even gift them to friends!

    Reviewer photo of the candle tin with a candle inside

    This kit includes a melting pot, four bags of beeswax, six candle tins, six scents, 10 cotton wicks, six dye blocks, 10 wick stickers, six labels, six stirring sticks, two wick clips, a storage bag, and a thermometer. 

    Promising review: "A terrific gift for someone into crafts. It’s complete with everything you need to make several very nice candles. The instructions could be a bit more detailed (e.g., it says to add essential oil, but doesn’t say how much). However, with a little experimenting, you get great results. I’d definitely buy another kit." —Mike C.

    Get it from Amazon for $39.99

    25. A DIY hot sauce–making kit with guided instructions to help you make the *perfect* sauce. You can experiment with spice levels and flavors with guided recipes so you can impress your family at the next Taco Night.

    Bottles of hot sauce with names on them

    Each kit comes with ingredients and instructions to make six different hot sauces based on guided recipes, and includes the bottles and cute lil' stickers to put on them when you're done.

    Promising review: "Lifetime of hot sauce. The very informative instructions not only guide you through making a few (very delicious!) hot sauces for now, they also teach you how to make them with your own ingredients in the future." —Gigi

    Get it from UncommonGoods for $40.

    26. And finally, a subscription to Book of the Month, a service that allows you to pick one (you can also add two extra books each month!) book every month from their curated list. It's like having your own little book club!

    A stack of five books on a bed
    Book of the Month

    I have been using BOTM for almost two years now and it's still my absolute favorite subscription. I love getting the email at the end of the month that it's time to pick a new book! I have discovered so many amazing novels *and* authors I probably never would have had I not gotten this subscription. I also LOVE that I can see all the books I have on the app and even rate them!

    Get it from Book of the Month for $15/month.

    You, to your friends now that you're a hobby connoisseur.


    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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