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    42 Problem Solving Products That'll Make You Love Your Cat A Little More

    You got 99 problems, but your cat will now only be 5 of them instead of 105. it's called progress.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A cuddly bed to promote more naps so there's less time for them to be up screaming for treats. Yes, I'm talking about my cat Norman.

    2. Matatabi cat chew sticks that are a perfect alternative for those kitties who don't really like catnip. Just rub some of the bark off the sticks to release the natural oils and watch your cat play away! Bonus: it also helps maintain healthy teeth!

    A cat chewing on a Matatabi stick

    3. Grooming gloves because aren't we tired of petting our cats and getting a huge wad of fur in our hands? At least with these bad boys, you can pet them *and* be productive!

    The grooming gloves with fur on it

    4. A Chom-Chom roller to gather up pet hair from basically anywhere in your home. No really. Couches, clothes, bedding, cat towers, rugs — you name it. The best part? It has a little compartment that stores the fur for easy cleaning!

    5. A cord protector that'll keep your sneaky fur baby from nibbling on all of your cables around the house. If they even dare ruin my New Girl time...

    A cord protector over cables

    6. A hidden litter box because if you own a cat, you know how unsightly litter boxes are.'s a sandbox with poop in it. At least with this one, you can pretend your cat isn't pooping in front of you.

    A white hidden litter box planter with a white arrow pointing to it and the words "spray paint" above it

    7. A litter genie to save your nostrils from the wrath of cat pee. We know it. We hate it. Heck, even your cat hates it.

    The litter genie next to a litter box

    8. An electric heating pad because you'd be surprised at how much your pets love heat. It helps with arthritic issues, pregnant fur babies, and even when they're recovering from an injury. Norman absolutely loves his heated pad and lays on it every day, even in the summer.

    A cat sleeping on a heating pad

    9. A calming spray so you can spritz on areas where your cat likes to hang the most — you'll quickly see how much more relaxed they are when they're near that spot.

    A cat belly up sleeping on a cat bed

    10. A diffuser to emit an odorless copy of ~pheromone~ around the room which will seriously help your feline buddy feel more comfortable and less stressed in their environment.

    A cat sleeping on a couch

    11. A heated cat cave because if you own a kitty, you know how much they absolutely love to have a little space they can call their own to relax far away from all the noise. The "noise" being that pesky pup who just doesn't leave them alone. Ugh.

    A cat relaxing in a pod

    12. A cat dancer toy that'll unleash the ~inner tiger~ in your cat, giving them some exercise and mental stimulation. Yes, even Mr. Tinkles has a wild side...somewhere in there.

    A cat standing on their hind legs reaching for a cardboard dancer toy

    13. A pet hair removal broom to make your jaw drop when you see just how much hair your little rascal has been shedding into the grasps of your rug's fibers. There is a rake side and a squeegee side which both effectively do the deed.

    A pile of fur from a carpet next to a pet hair removal broom

    14. A macrame cat hammock that will match your impeccable bohemian vibes while also giving your kitty a place to ~chill~, reducing the piles of fur they create on your bedsheets from all their naps.

    Two cats lounging on separate macrame hammock beds

    15. A cat hammock with suction cups to install it on any window (preferably the one with the prettiest view), allowing your kitty to bask in the sun rays in their own little space without scratching up your furniture to see out the window. Oh to be a cat lounging in the sun.

    A cat on a hammock

    16. A hammock with steps so your cats can have a little bit of instinctual fun climbing around your walls to their new mounted bed. Plus, the steps are actually scratching posts, so you can protect your furniture! Woo-hoo!

    A cat playing with another cat on a mounted hammock

    17. A water fountain that will give David Meowie an even ~fancier~ way to drink water and *actually* drink it for once. They're older now, and it's time they live the life of luxury they've been expecting since they were kittens.

    A black cat drinking water from a water fountain

    18. Nail clippers because cats and new couches are not a good combination. I'm looking at you, Norman. These bad boys offer a larger, softer grip area for better stability, making it easier to get through this painstaking task as smoothly as possible.

    Two cats standing next to nail clippers

    19. An organic spray designed to keep your cat's grubby little nails off of your furniture, rugs, and curtains once and for all.

    The spray next to a pine cone, spruce, and lemon

    20. A self-groomer cat brush so your lil stinky baby can groom and (hopefully) brush their loose hair off themselves for once. Plus, you can fill it with catnip to attract them to it!

    A cat rubbing their face on a mounted self groomer brush

    21. A waterless dry shampoo to help keep Picatso clean, smelling good, and looking sleek without having to do the whole "it's time to bathe the cat" fiasco we all dread.

    22. A pack of colorful springs so they can stop playing with those noisy plastic balls you regretfully bought them, not realizing how loud they actually are. Our cats absolutely ~love~ these springs. Sometimes I'll see them carry them all over and it's the cutest thing ever.

    A cat holding a green spring toy

    23. A litter attractant because sometimes it's not easy getting your kitten to figure out that's their new DPS (designated poop spot). *flashback to Norman as a kitten pooping on our white comforters*

    The litter attractant

    24. A cat litter mat so you can minimize the amount of litter that ends up being tracked around the house and litter box.

    A cat walking on a litter mat

    25. A litter box odor destroyer, because let's face it — sometimes these litter boxes are just dank.

    A reviewer photo of a cat looking up next to a litter box with a bottle of odor destroyer in it

    26. Litter box liners made from heavy-duty plastic so you don't have to worry about the bag tearing and used litter falling everywhere. My worst nightmare, honestly.

    27. An automatic litter box that will scoop up the litter just 15 minutes after your kitty uses it, keeping the house stink-free and you free from bending over to scoop the box every day. Human: 1 Cat: 0.

    A cat in front of a litter box

    28. A cat grass-growing kit to keep Mr. Fluffybottom from eating all of the houseplants you've acquired this past year.

    A cat is licking cat grass from a white planter

    29. A cat digger interactive toy that will help slow down your greedy friend who just can't get enough of food, which probably even causes them to throw it all up. Barf no more, Stinky McStinky Butt!

    A cat playing with an interactive toy

    30. A bottle of ear cleaner for gently deodorizing, cleaning, and drying Catrick Swayze's ears. Clean ears = happy kitty.

    A hairless cat in pajamas

    31. A cat pillow toy that literally purrs which can help soothe your anxious or stressed baby. It's touch-activated and will last two minutes each time it's squeezed or cuddled. That's two minutes of sweet, sweet cuddles.

    A cat cuddling a toy

    32. A raised cat food bowl so your feline furbaby can reach their food without causing any unnecessary neck pain. Bonus: it also helps reduce the risk of backflow. Yeah, I mean barf.

    A cat eating from a raised cat food bowl

    33. A cat scratcher that doubles as a lounger for your feline buddy to have a place to chill *and* a place to sharpen their nails. It's a win-win!

    Two cats sleeping on a cat scratcher

    34. A self-rotating robot toy for when you don't have time to play with your feline buddy, but they need more than just a simple mouse toy. The toy rotates in multiple directions and has a spinning LED light!

    A cat playing with a self-rotating toy

    35. Dander-reducing wipes so senior Mr. Tinkles' fur can remain clean and fresh, especially if they didn't make it to the litter box in time. Just because he's old, doesn't mean he doesn't deserve his kitty dignity ~and~ shiny fur.

    36. An outdoor playhouse for your kitty to enjoy nature in the safety of a confined tent without you worrying about them running away and getting hurt.

    Two cats inside an outdoor playhouse

    37. A cat scratcher to prevent your feline buddy from scratching up, oh let's say, your brand new sectional couch which was a major adult purchase for you but they insisted on using it as their personal scratching post so now there's piling of thread and every time you see it you get mad. Totally can't relate.

    A cat scratching at a cactus shaped cat scratcher

    38. A bottle of Resolve carpet cleaner that I'm convinced is actually just a bottle of magic. This has been able to get even the oldest hairball stain out of our carpets. I will die on my Resolve hill.

    A before and after reviewer photo of a rug with a stain on it

    39. A UV black light flashlight to detect any hidden accidents your cat may have caused. Is there anything worse than smelling cat pee and not finding the source? Not anymore!

    40. An airtight food container so you don't have to worry about your cat rejecting stale kibble (as usual) ~or~ any uninvited pests from sneaking in.

    The container

    41. Silicone pet food can covers that will keep their food fresh while your fur baby waits (impatiently) for their next meal. "I know you just fed me, but I'm actually starving again soo..." —your cat (and Norman).

    Two cat food cans with silicone lids on top

    42. And finally, a cat door you can install on your sliding glass windows or doors so Jennifurr Lopez can stop bugging you about wanting to go outside. Especially considering 99% of the time they just want the *option* to go outside.

    The pet door is installed on a window

    Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.