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    29 Non-Office Products That Are Still A Good Idea To Keep At Your Desk

    Let's get down to business, to defeat the after-Zoom feels.

    1. An adult coloring book to fill out during your mental breaks to destress, recenter yourself, and bring a bit of fun to your mundane workday.

    2. A cheeky candle that will remind you that all you do is, indeed, win at work.

    A person holding up a candle that says "All I do is win, infused with the tears of my opponents" and the words "it even smells like their tears" written on the image

    3. A rose-gold rechargeable electric lighter so you can easily light your new candle without having to deal with wasteful matches that create too much smoke.

    A rose gold lighter with an electric current
    BuzzFeed editor lighting a candle
    Emma Lord / BuzzFeed

    This one is not only *so* pretty, but it's completely flameless. Also, it has a long stem so you can feel safe lighting even the last bit of candle wax remaining in the jar.

    BuzzFeed editor Emma Lord has a full review of the Leejie electric lighter for more deets!

    Promising review: "Works like a charm. I knew immediately that I needed it. I love candles and this is so much better than a match or lighter. It’s kept a charge for months. I use it several times a month." —dwhite3012

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99+ (available in five colors).

    4. A fidget toy because work can be stressful and anxiety-inducing and this toy can help distract you when you feel like you're spiraling under pressure. Basically me, just existing.

    A person holding a metal fidget toy with orange pieces on it

    5. Noise-reducing earplugs that'll block background noise juuust enough so you can concentrate on work without that eerie "sound" you get from noise-cancelling headphones. You know the one. This is also perfect if you're sensitive to sounds!

    Reviewer holding the ear plugs

    6. A surprisingly effective essential oil stick infused with peppermint, spearmint, and lavender to ease those pesky migraine and tension headaches you get during the workday or because your cat won't stop meowing for treats. Oh, just me?

    A BuzzFeeder holding the lipstick-sized headache stick

    7. A PhoneSoap sanitizer because after the last year, we have definitely become very aware of germs and our phone is one of the biggest culprits. Flashback to me eating snacks while working, then touching my phone screen with my grubby fingers and *then* my laptop keyboard. Ugh.

    8. A 20-oz. water bottle designed to make sure you're staying hydrated all day, something I need to work on. All you have to do is slide one of the colorful bands up each time you finish the water in a full bottle!

    A customer review photo of them holding the bottle with the text, "Freaking killing it today, y'all."

    9. Or a personalized Disney Starbucks tumbler because it's been a long time since you've visited your happy place, so let's bring some of that magic everywhere you go, like while working from home.

    10. A pack of adhesive cable clips that'll finally detangle that mess of cables you've been dealing with at your desk. Plus, you'll look super organized and put together, two things no one can ever call me, even with these.

    11. A coffee mug warmer with three heat settings and an auto shutoff feature so you never have to worry about taking a sip of your coffee and realize it's gone cold. AKA the worst feeling ever.

    A mug filled with coffee placed on the pink warmer

    12. Or a glass cup if you prefer to have iced coffee (or tea or matcha!) as your choice of caffeine.

    The glass cup with a white monstera leaf pattern throughout it
    Moontide Creations Co / Etsy

    Moontide Creations Co is a queer-owned small business based out of Holyoke, Massachusetts that specializes in glass cups with unique designs.

    Promising review: "I bought this glass as a gift for my sister, and she absolutely LOVES it! She actually hides it from her roommates because she doesn't want anyone else to use it haha There was a slight issue with the shipping in the beginning, but Libby was so responsive and helpful - she really put my mind at ease, and was easily reachable up through delivery confirmation. Would absolutely buy from this shop again!" —Jessica Armbruster

    Get it from Moontide Creations Co on Etsy for $25.99+ (available in two sizes and with a lid and straw). 

    13. An essential-oil diffuser to create a soothing environment that'll calm the mind from those never ending email notifications. It *also* functions as a humidifier.

    Reviewer photo grid of the diffuser in different colors
    A gif of a reviewer's essential oil diffuser changing color

    It has two misting modes, continuous and intermittent, which will mist and pause for 30 seconds. It also has eight colors you can change it to to match your current mood or ambience. The best part? It will automatically shut off when it's out of water so you can sleep soundly knowing it won't break or cause any safety issues.

    Don't forget to buy some essential oils so you can make your home smell nice!

    Promising review: "This diffuser is amazing. Easy to control color/water output, small and compact, easy to clean, and outright beautiful. It's great for my apartment; I can finally cover up the totally-not-pot smell that the previous tenant so graciously left me. It's also great for setting up a romantic environment when the significant other comes over. Just a heads-up — if you have a dog, try not to diffuse tea tree oil, or do it in a place where the dog doesn't go. It's bad for their nervous system. I think it's the same with cats as well, but I'm not sure." —Amazon customer

    Get it from Amazon for $14.99+ (available in five colors).

    14. A desktop vacuum cleaner because we spend at least eight hours at our desks working (and snacking), which means crumbs happen. This mini vacuum will suck up all the crud, keeping the work station clean and ready to be used. Long story short, yes, you can go back to eating your Nature Valley bars with confidence.

    A reviewer before and after photo of a desk with cat fur and then without it
    A gif of a reviewer using the vacuum on a mat

    Add two AA batteries for a cord-free experience! BTW, batteries will last 90 minutes, but you can always just plug the vacuum in and use it like that.

    Promising review: "Holy geez where was this all my life? This is the perfect crumb catcher/sweeper for your table. Have little ones who leave toast crumbs everywhere? Or a husband who drops little bits of stuff? This will vacuum it all up and voilà, clean table! It’s a nice compact size and can pick up sizable crumbs easily. I’m gifting these for Xmas!" —Kestrel

    Get it from Amazon for $12.98+ (available in two colors and five styles).

    15. Anti-slip hooks that will finally keep your glasses from slipping off your face halfway through your workday when the oils on your nose *really* start to build up. Sincerely, me and my oily nose.

    The silicone grips in multiple colors

    16. A pair of Sony noise-cancelling headphones so you can focus on work without any annoying interruptions from your housemates. "What's that? You need me to take out the trash? Sorry, I can't hear you byeee."

    Reviewer is wearing dark blue headphones

    17. A posture corrector designed to help put your back in the proper alignment, relieving pain and helping you gain stability in your spine. With time and practice, it develops your back's muscle memory. Soon, you'll be standing tall without it! Huzzah! Bonus: It's discreet enough to wear under your shirt.

    A customer review before and after photo of them wearing the posture corrector

    18. A vibrant personalized stand so you can work *and* have your phone within view. To do more work, duh. Not at all to catch up on your favorite YouTube drama channel.

    Customized phone stand next to phone and laptop

    19. A cleaning putty to remove the teeniest of dirt from the hardest-to-reach places, including your laptop's keyboard. I actually have one that I use for my car's vents *and* another for my laptop!

    20. A rotating timer so you can try out the Pomodoro technique and see if this is the hidden key to finally making you productive at work. You basically work for 25 minutes, take a small break, repeat until you finish all of your work!

    21. A mini meditation garden to reward yourself with a lovely relaxation session after that unnecessarily long Zoom meeting you just had to endure.

    The meditation garden which comes with sand, rocks, figurines, and a rake

    22. A spacious mini fridge with room for your LaCroix, Greek yogurt, and even your moisturizer for a quick skin pick-me-up.

    23. A mini Crock-Pot that will keep your lunch warm all day long, because it's time to start practicing self love and stop microwaving food in that questionably dirty office microwave. Seriously, has anyone ever cleaned it?

    A reviewer photo of a white and blue mini crockpot with breakfast inside it sitting on a cubicle desk

    24. A random yet necessary screaming goat figurine you can press any time you need to relieve some stress or annoy your coworkers. I choose the latter. Every time.

    Reviewer photo of the screaming goat on a desk

    25. A personal heater so you stay warm and toasty in the office because that *one* coworker just absolutely needs to set the AC at 62 degrees. It's cold, Susan!

    Reviewer photo of mini purple space heater placed on desk

    26. A customized Funko Pop you can get of your partner, bestie, or even yourself for a constant reminder of how cool you actually are.

    Five Funko Pops of different styles

    27. A fancy digital clock to remind you have exactly 3 hours, 42 minutes, and 56 seconds left of work, but who's counting? 55...54....53...

    Reviewer photo of the digital clock on top of a couch, with blue LED lit numbers

    28. A gemstone tree that is not only absolutely stunning, but can create a space where energy can freely flow while you try to get through the workday in one piece: a very daunting task, I know.

    29. And finally, a Himalayan salt lamp so when you're burning the midnight oil, you've got a lovely, relaxing glow to stare at.

    Reviewer photo of the salt lamp while they hold the switch showing the dimmer option

    You, at work, realizing how great your desk area is:

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