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    25 Hair Products That May Cost A Little Extra But Will Be *Totally* Worth It

    Bad hair days will soon be a thing of the past for you.

    1. A Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer that'll dry your hair *so* fast, you won't even know what to do with all the free time you'll have in the mornings. I'd just go back to sleep, tbh.

    2. An Act + Acre Everyday Detox set expertly designed to detox your scalp, gently remove any residue, and provide some serious, lasting moisture. Best hair award goes to *drum roll* YOU.

    The three bottles

    3. Color Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Spray — a heat-activated anti-frizz treatment so that no matter what the weather is (or how humid it is), your hair will be looking ~fabulous~.

    4. A Dae detangling brush that can be used on *any* hair type, wet or dry. Bonus: it's made of 100% vegan materials!

    close up of the hair brush

    5. A DpHue Semi-Permanent Hair Color and Deep Conditioner to refresh your hair in between salon visits while also keeping your hair silky smooth and strong.

    A before and after photo of a model's blonde hair after using the shampoo

    6. An Aquis Rapid-Dry Hair Turban so you can rapidly dry hair to a damp state with less heat, without damaging hair, and creating zero frizz, making your morning routine that much easier.

    The white turban towel

    7. Living Proof Dry Shampoo because who wants to wash their hair every day when you can use this to soak up excess oils, leaving your hair looking like you just left the salon. *flips hair*

    8. A Beachwaver for when the idea of using a rod to curl your hair sounds waaay too intimidating. With the push of a button, this lil' baddie will automatically curl your hair *for you*. I am an absolutely noob when it comes to hair tools, and this is by far, one of my favorite ones in my bathroom.

    9. Or a Bio Ionic Eternity Wand Pro Styling Wand if you really do have the guts to use one of these bad boys. It makes absolutely beautiful curls every. single. time.

    Model is curling their hair with the wand

    10. An Oribe Superfine Strong Hair Spray that provides an ultra fine mist, preventing that ever-annoying crunch and stiffness you get from some hair sprays.

    The hair spray

    11. An Amika High Tide Deep Wave Hair Crimper for when you feel like bringing back that old 2005 trend but having it look waaay more stylish and chic.

    A before and after photo of a model's hair after using the crimper

    12. A Bumble + Bumble Color Stick that is perfect for when you want to do a quick touch up or you're just not ready to accept your grays that appear in between hair appointments (guilty!).

    A before and after photo of a model's hair after using the color stick

    13. A Drybar Single Shot Blow-Dryer Brush for when you just don't got time to be using both arms to blow-dry *and* brush your hair. It's 2022! This is the future!

    14. A Drybar heated straightening brush so you can dry your hair *and* straighten it at the exact same time! What a time to be alive!

    A before and after of a model's curly hair straightened

    15. A Pattern by Tracee Ellis Ross Styling Cream that'll penetrate deep into your hair strands, providing some *serious* moisture into even the curliest of curls. The best part? It'll do all of that while preventing breakage.

    The cream

    16. A Bomba Curls satin scrunchie to keep your beautiful hair out of your face *and* protected from breakage and frizz. You didn't spend over $100 at the salon to ruin it in just one ponytail, right? RIGHT.

    Three black satin scrunchies

    17. A reviewer-beloved, aloe vera-based curl refresher spray for those days when you just need a little extra oomph to your beautiful locks.

    Model spraying their curly hair
    The bottle of curl spray
    The Fro Experts/Etsy

    The Fro Experts is a Georgia-based, Black woman–owned natural haircare brand on Etsy formulated for type 3 and 4 hair textures.

    Psst — this is meant to be used in place of water as a refresher, but per the brand, can be used right after conditioning as the “liquid” portion of the LOC method in your wash 'n' go or as a detangler.

    Promising review: "OMG and AMEN ... Seriously, I have TRUE 4c hair and I have never in my 36 years experienced a true 100% natural/organic hair product, and for this to be my first time I'm beyond impressed. So pleased with my 2-year-old daughter's hair as well :-) Product does EVERYTHING its described to do :-)." —Rosanna Quinones

    Get it from The Fro Experts on Etsy for $22.

    18. A cult-favorite Briogeo deep conditioning mask that works especially well for dry and damaged hair to get the long-desired shine and strength it's been yearning for since you discovered bleach and hair tools. This mask is *literally* scientifically proven to decrease hair breakage after two uses. TWO! USES!

    19. A TGIN shampoo and conditioner duo for natural hair that'll work harmoniously together to give you soft, shiny, moisturized *and* manageable hair with smoother cuticles. Name a better duo. I'll wait.

    20. The ever-popular Moroccanoil Treatment, infused with argon oil so your hair can emerge from the frizzy trenches looking softer, stronger, and shinier. I call it the three S's.

    21. A Ghd flat iron for the days when you feel like actually doing your hair (rare for me). The fun thing about flat irons is you can curl your hair with them too! We love a versatile ~queen~.

    22. An Oribe Royal Blowout Heat Styling Spray so you can get the perfect blowout that literally looks like you've just stepped out of the salon, and who doesn't want that?

    23. An Ouai Detox Shampoo that'll effortlessly cleanse your hair from dirt, product buildup, and oil, all without stripping your hair. Simply use it once a week and watch your hair ✨ shine ✨ .

    The shampoo surrounded by flowers and fruit

    24. A Briogeo strengthening treatment powered by rice water to deliver a powerful blend of protein and moisture that'll ~double~ the strength of your hair and help with damaged, brittle, and broken strands.

    25. And finally, a silk pillowcase because all of the best hair styles start in the bedroom 😏 . No, but really, a satin pillowcase can help reduce breakage, frizz, and keep your hair from looking like an absolute mess in the mornings.

    A model holding the pillowcase in pink marble

    You, after using the deep conditioning mask:

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