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Things You Did Not Know About Diljit Dosanjh

From Punjabi Popstar to Bollywood Superstar, The ultimate Swagger!

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Not long back was the era when this Punjabi Munda was known as a Pop star in Punjab. It is said that whats important in this world is to maintain your identity, love what you do and not get lost in the City lights. That's what worked for Dosanjh. His ultimate Swag, Hardwork, sheer talent and Submissive attitude took him to the heights of popularity and success. We all know that he is now THE Superstar but what makes him most beloved among his fans is that he is the one who does not really count on the typical hero material stuff. He is one of us, We feel he hangs out more with his audience with a glass of Lassi than being Bollywood Royalty. To be mentioned, His Social Media Game is lit. Over 3.1 million fans whom he call as a family look upto him and admires him. He too acknowledges the love he receives by reposting their pictures with his movie posters or cutouts along with the ubiquitous #lovemyfans. But there are few things which the superstar has in secret, lets check them out:

He changes his Phone Number Every Month

According to Dosanjh, 'Its a necessity, Only my family and manager need to have my number'. When you have such a super stardom, it becomes quite basic to not share your phone number openly. Worry not, Dosanjh has got many more ways to be connected with his fans.

He is diehard fan of Kylie Jenner

If you are a true Diljit Dosanjh Fan, You know his blush crush on Kylie Jenner. We can often see him commenting on kylie's instagram posts and live feeds in Punjabi. Our Urban Munda finds Kylie Jenner superattractive and wishes to do a pop song with her too.

He'd love to Feed you

This is the thing which holds true for every Punjabi out there, They are so much about Food. So is with Dosanjh. He says that ' I love to feed people sweet things, I'll make them Fat so that I can look lean in Contrast'. Tricky eh?

He is THE Snapchatter

Be it a new Snapchat filter or a new song or his upcoming movie, Our Desi Munda is supremely active on Snapchat. He regularly posts of what he is upto on his Snapchat stories which are open for public to see and his fans to enjoy. He goes all the way natural and unmade in his snaps and often holds 'Lets talk' sessions with his fans on Snapchat. Being a true dosanjhewala, you can now keep a track of you favorite superstar by following him on Snapchat. Follow him with thisisdosanjh if you aren't already.

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