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The First Ever "Virtual Galaxy MMO Blockchain" Is Here, And It's Every Cryptotrader's Dream Come True

Yes, you'll soon be able to invest in blockchain space colonies! New blockchain MMO game from the developer of Battlestar Galactica Online.

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In a galaxy far, far away... Well, actually not that far away, since we're talking our very own Milky Way here.


Everything bitcoin and cryptocurrency is hot these days, and now blockchain games have started to appear as well. Using a blockchain for all its spaceships, planets, equipment and cargo, Parsec Frontiers is a virtual galaxy MMO where you can trade knowing that the blockchain in the game rules it all. You can't become banned and lose your stuff, basically.

Parsec Frontiers is currently in development for browsers of all flavours, from Norwegian/Russian game studio Artplant. Previously, Artplant has created another popular space MMO, namely Battlestar Galactica Online which has seen an impressive 20+ million number of players (!).

Sounds like your regular "explore in space, extract resources, build colonies, trade and become rich"-type of game, except this time you can become a crypto millionaire by doing it. Yes, you'll be able to sell all your stuff, and trade it out into Bitcoin whenever you feel you're done with the game.

The game was just announced, and is now offering its first backers to secure valuable real estate and assets in the game through a Pre-Sale of the in-game cryptocurrency, Parsec Credits. Given all the excitement surrounding cryptocurrencies these days, these assets sound like they are going to be pretty lucrative investments.

Check the game out here
and soon you'll be a space station magnate!

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