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Cell Therapy- Treatment For The Central Nervous System Disorder Using Stem Cells

Nowadays, the cell therapy is one of the rapidly growing and promising developing fields of medicine. With this cell therapy approach, the patients can get the best treatment results for incurable and severe diseases of the central nervous system. The main cause of cell therapy is attained through the enhancement of tissue trophism, normal functioning of the immune system, replacement of dead neurons and the formation of new vessels. Now, the cell therapy can be used in several fields of medicine. The main effect of this treatment is that the stem cells can be infused into the body of patients. They are managed directly or intravenously into the formations of the central nervous system.

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The central nervous system treatment usually engages the postnatal, tissue specific progenitor stem cells and the use of fetal. Some of these treatment methods can be learned in the medical trials and the other therapeutic approaches have been successfully used for many years in the urban countries, especially Germany. Actually, the stem cell therapy is a latest technique, which has a capability of curing all kinds of diseases. The stem cells are immature cells, which have capability to differentiate into several various kinds of cells of the body. However, these stem cells can be hematopoietic, embryonic, mesenchymal, fetal, tissue specific progenitor and postnatal such as umbilical cord blood cells.

How does the stem cell work?

The most common function of stem cell is having ability to differentiate into various tissues. They also have abilities that could be very beneficial for healing. Usually, the stem cell can produce more than thirty types of growth factors and the tissue chemicals can stimulate the healing. These stem cells can also help to employ other systemic and local stem cells that mainly focus on repairing the damaged tissue. They are active in the immune modulation for restraining or endorsing the T-cell function. These stem cells are also activated to move into a specific area by signals from the tissue based on neutral, chemical and mechanical changes.

Beneath the supreme conditions, the stem cells will also answer to the healing and injuries would occur. Naturally, there are millions of stem cells can be released from bone marrow into the bloodstream. These stem cells are more important and also they are basis of life. When the sperm fertilizes an egg, the first cell created is a stem cell. Then, this stem cell can change into tissue types of other cells. This allows the stem cell to become various sets of cells that you require them to support the important organs.

What type of diseases can be treated by cell therapy?

The cell therapy can treat utmost any type of diseases that affect the central nervous system. This cell therapy treatment can be mainly used for the regeneration of the neuromuscular junction, nervous tissue and the restoration of normal inter neuronic. Some of the medical conditions that could be treated by the cell therapy are including the effects of traumatic brain injury, epilepsy, effects of cerebral infections, cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis and so on.

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