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    The Best Photos Of Marilyn Monroe.....That Aren't Marilyn Monroe

    Marilyn Monroe is oft imitated but never duplicated. These photos have made the internet rounds as Marilyn, but not one of them is actually her. By Marijane Gray for Immortal Marilyn

    Eva Six

    Lisa Marie Presley

    Eva Herzigova

    Suzie Kennedy

    Marilyn Waltz

    Marilyn and JFK....or are they?

    Susan Griffiths

    Scarlett Johansson

    Jimmy James

    Sunny Thompson

    Shirley Kilpatrick

    Ginta Lapina

    Sybil Saulnier

    Diana Dors

    Sandy Fulton

    Elsa Sorensen

    Banbury Cross

    Gwen Stefani

    Olya Polyakova

    Kathleen Hughes

    Pauline Bailey

    Charlize Theron

    Virginia Welles

    Jayne Mansfield

    Rostislava Savchuk

    Rosalina Neri

    Marian Stafford

    Betty Bjurstrom

    Model On A Trampoline