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A Guide To NYC's Hidden Taxidermy World

If you were wondering where you can see, buy, and make the weirdest taxidermy in NYC, you're in luck. And after you explore the city for rogue taxidermy, catch Immortalized, a new reality show on AMC. Thursdays, 10/9c.

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The Evolution Store

120 Spring Street, Manhattan, NY

If you want to find interesting taxidermy in NYC, you have to go to the Evolution Store. Not only will you find sharks in jars, raccoon penis bones, an array of exotic taxidermy, but the staff at Evolution is very knowledgable on all the pieces on display. So if you're dying to know why skeletons look the way they do, here is the place to go.

Home Sweet Home

131 Chrystie St, Manhattan, NY

Home Sweet Home has it all- Good music, a hip dance floor, and strange taxidermy hanging out around the bar. If you've always wanted to drunkenly talk to a stuffed wolf while listening to goth trance music, go to Home Sweet Home on Thursdays. Make sure to check out the collection hanging out underneath the bar too!


369 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn NY

This antique store is the perfect place to decorate your off beat apartment. Do you want a stuffed bison head? A giant freestanding grizzly bear? Just make sure you're ready to pay a pretty penny for these antique stuffed critters.


543 Union Street, Brooklyn, NY

Have you ever wished that you, too, could stuff a dead mouse and mount it into a lifelike replica of American Gothic? You are in luck. DIY Taxidermy classes are taught in this Brooklyn art space. Classes fill up quickly, so if you see an opening, jump on it! You'll be a rogue taxidermist in no time.

The Bell House

149 7th St, Brooklyn, NY

Every year The Bell House houses the "Carnivorous Nights" taxidermy contest hosted by The Secret Science Club. Past contestants have shown off two-headed squirrels, chicken hats, and a rat terrier with a fascinator on it's head. The winning criteria? The weirder, the better! So if you own peculiar taxidermy, or you just want to look at some crazy stuffed creatures, stay looped in to The Secret Science Club.

Black Gold

461 Court Street, Brooklyn, NY

Only in Brooklyn will you find a record store/taxidermy shop/coffee place all in one. Which is exactly what you need, right?

And for more weird taxidermy, check out Immortalized, Thursdays at 10/9c on AMC.

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