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You Know You Went To UWC Maastricht When...

Created by Imman Merdanovic (UWCM 11-13) and Rafi Hayat (UWCM 11-13).

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You ate Hagelslag for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

You had your own bike and were pretty much expected to go around the world with it.

Daphne Alexandra Gambieraki / Via facebook

Your school was once a factory but you’re pretty sure we’ve got the best campus now!

Market Square was your hood.

And you still turn up to this song!

You gave up learning Dutch almost immediately, but you can still say “alsjeblieft” and “dankjewel” like a pro.

You used to think the Dutch are quiet people, until the Carnaval rolled in.

Marcel Van Hoorn / Via

And now you can’t help it but support the Netherlands at every World Cup and every Eurovision.

Ash Dubhghaill / Via facebook

Durum kebab and Lezzet grill literally got you through the IB.

Imman Merdanovic / Via facebook

And lets not forget Albert Heijn. After all, no other supermarket will ever give you the same feeling again.

Ash Dubhghaill / Via facebook

Pinkie waffles were able to cure every sickness, every bad grade and every heart break.

Daphne Alexandra Gambieraki / Via facebook

Yet, there was nothing quite like waking up for Sinterklaas and finding candy in your shoes.

Except for crossing the border on a regular basis, which is when you felt like a real boss.

However, even crossing the borders couldn’t save you from this place. After all, how much time you spent here directly relates to your final grades. 

But regardless of how tough it was, you know that “it’s all about the challenge” and a part of your heart will forever stay in good old Maasje.

Daphne Alexandra Gambieraki / Via facebook

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