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  • Is Cornell Closed?

    In light of the recent weather a group of Cornell Students decided to create a website that keeps student up to date on Cornell’s operating status. The website launched earlier today around 1 pm est. The original post is quoted as follows: The latest development from Dom & Joe Ltd. Inc. Co. went live today. This site answers the pressing question that it asks. When asked about the site, investor Griffin Maher had this to say, “In Ithaca, multiple feet of snow, sub 0 temperatures and icy roads are commonplace. This website reminds students that despite this, Cornell is still probably not going to cancel classes.” When interviewed about the new site, university president David J. Skorton remarked, “I wonder if we could get one of these for the Smithsonian.” Critics are already calling this a masterpiece of our time, and the next big thing on the internet. (Note: The website will not necessarily change if Cornell by some miracle actually does cancel class. But hey, it’s Cornell, the site will be right 99.9% of the time as is.) Within the first four hours of the websites launch, the site had already received 4k + views! The site as gained recognition for its wit and accuracy! The only question that is left is, what will these students come up with next?

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