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    Top 15 Things I Wish I Knew Before College

    Let's face it. Every freshman shows up for first semester unprepared. We asked the Spring Benefit crowd for responses via Twitter and Instagram using #WishIKnew and here's the advice mentors wish someone had given them.

    1. Never buy new textbooks.

    Imgur / Via

    Sad, but true. Save your money.

    2. Rushing a sorority, then not getting in, really is not the end of the world. / Via

    Networking is important, but no one network or affiliation will make or break your future career. Keep that in mind.

    3. My college roommate would be the one to lead me to a really great girl. Apparently this is common.


    You don't have to be best friends with your roommates, but you never know how your paths will cross again. So play nice.

    4. $.40... Ramen Noddles, $1.15... Spaghetti, $1.00... Baked Potato... Realizing it is possible to eat "well" for less than a dollar = Priceless / Via

    The money you save by not buying new textbooks will come in handy to buy quality food. Splurge on non-cafeteria food every once in a while.

    5. Not everyone in the dorm will appreciate the smell of microwave buttered popcorn at 10 am.

    Pixel Arcana / Via

    So just eat Smartfood for breakfast or maybe cereal. It's just easier for everyone. No risk of burning the dorm down. Just as tasty.

    6. Make friends with the cafeteria salad bar, not the pizza station. Oh… and just because you can eat the second burger, doesn't mean you should.

    Google Images / Via

    Or you could be super bourgeoie and eat your fancy pizza and salad like so.

    7. It is totally possible (and highly likely) that four years will fly like four minutes. / Via

    Use your time wisely. Take that interesting course or road trip with your classmates. Basically do the things you'll wish you had done while you can still do them.

    8. Sadly, college will be the last time in your life when taking an afternoon nap will be possible. / Via

    Your boss really won't appreciate attempts to nap at work. So nap while you can.

    9. Wo(Man) cannot live on waffle bar alone.

    Google Images / Via

    Unlimited waffles is wonderful and exciting for about the first two weeks... and then you'll be over it. Totally and utterly over it. Plan healthy, balanced meals.

    10. Your school wasn't kidding about the importance of bringing a mattress pad.

    Google Images / Via

    Yep. That's about it.

    11. There's no good reason to ever take an 8 am class. / Via

    We tried really hard to think of one and came up with nothing.

    12. It is perfectly normal to change majors (several times). / Via

    It's definitely good to have a plan, but it's okay to change and grow. So many of us wish somebody just told us that.

    13. The first few weeks will be tough. But then they'll be over, and you'll make friends and some of those friendships will last the rest of your life. / Via

    It happens just like that.

    14. Study abroad. Just do it. It's going to be the most important thing you've done. / Via

    When else will you get to travel on somebody else's dime?

    15. College is hard, even when you're prepared and capable. You'll need a mentor!

    Google Images / Via

    "We all need somebody to lean on!"

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